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What is PoE? Data and power via one cable 2021/10/26
Power over Ethernet (PoE) transmits electric power with data simultaneously over data pairs on one single cables. PoE provides both data connection and operating power to industrial, IoT and even commercial electronics devices....
What is a dark factory? 2021/10/17
Dark factory, that is, the smart factory. It means that from raw materials to the final product, all the processing, handling, testing, packing and shipping processes are completed in the "dark factory" without manual operation....
The chips shortage is going from bad to worse, what can we do? 2021/7/27
Our strategy is to stock key components inventory with our greatest efforts. Our goal to cover 85% ~90% hot selling models in our sales....
Microsoft officially released New Windows 11 Operating system 2021/6/25
On local time, June 24, Microsoft officially released the Windows 11 operating system after the launch of Windows 10 in 6 years ago. The preview version of this new OS will be released to application developers next week....
What is Multi-Touch Projected Capacitive Technology 2021/3/3
TAICENN Projective capacitive touch Industrial Panel products are our main product line, we build our own Pcap. touchscreen with the support from our OEM partners, so as to deliver TAICENN beautiful Industrial Panel systems products....
Analysis of Industrial computer non-standard customization 2020/12/8
with the progress of automation and intelligence, industrial computers will require more and more non-standard customization capabilities....
Intel released the latest 11th gen. low-power core i3/i5/i7 processor Tiger Lake 2020/9/3
With the continuous breakthroughs in intelligence, 5G application development, automated computing, smart cities and transportation, and industrial Internet of Things, higher industrial computing power can further drive industry development....
Some classic application scenarios of 5G in the industrial market 2020/8/6
At present, Industry 4.0 manufacturing, remote field control, and industrial smart parks are the classic application scenarios in the industrial market....
Industrial 5G is creating a new future for industrial digitalization 2020/6/11
Industrial 5G represents the latest computing and will become a key link in the future of intelligent manufacturing, realize the interconnection of all links & processes, promote the integration and optimization of resources, and further promote the industrial digital t...
How to verify the reliability of electromagnetic compatibility of industrial pan... 2020/5/15
The anti-electromagnetic interference of the industrial panel PC is the key to keep stable in industrial project scenarios....
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