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Industrial Android Panel PC for Smart lamppost
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In early 2008, the concepts of “Smart Earth” and “Smart city” have been raised. Governments of various countries are also actively advocating the construction and development of smart cities. However, different countries and different cities have different plans on how to build a smart city in each region and enterprise.

The Beijing Government issued the "The Beijing’s Action Plan to Accelerate the Construction of New Scenes and Cultivate the New Ecology of the Digital Economy", proposing to focus on the technical requirements of major projects such as Universal Studios, underground transportation corridors, design towns, and urban green centers, Strengthen the application of technologies such as digital buildings, smart lamppost, and resource recycling. In other words, the smart city should implement "multiple in one lamppost”, "multiple in one boxes”, "multiple in one wells”, intensively set up various types of poles, boxes, underground pipelines, etc. on the sidewalk, and gradually integrate various types of facilities on the sidewalk. 

Industrial Android Panel PC for Smart lamppost

In this underground, the smart lamppost came into being. As an important part of a smart city, the smart lamppost has an inherent advantage in the number of IoT access points. It is an excellent access point for smart cities and a good implementation and implementation of smart cities.
At this stage, the construction of smart light poles in my country is still in its infancy, but driven by new demands and new technologies such as new smart cities and 5G, support and encouragement policies are continuously introduced in various places, and smart light poles have ushered in an unprecedented peak period of development.
Let’s take Shenzhen as an example, as a frontier city in the development of China's electronic technology and the first batch of cities to launch 5G commercials across the country, Shenzhen is at the forefront of the development of 5G and smart lamppost. It is reported that Shenzhen will build 4,526 multi-function smart lamppost this year. According to the plan, Shenzhen will build 24,000 smart lampposts by 2022. According to message from the Shenzhen government. At the end of April 2020, the number of 5G base stations in Shenzhen and the number of multi-function smart lamppost are both ranked "No. 1 in Guangdong Province". It can be seen that Shenzhen is making every effort to promote the construction of new infrastructure such as 5G infrastructure, and the outbreak of Shenzhen's smart lamppost is on the verge of completion.

Industry requirements:
In the exploration of urban development, the smart lamppost is a model that integrates information and communication technology with traditional urban public infrastructure. It integrates the four characteristics of "integration, sharing, wisdom, and harmony". The smart lamppost is considered to be the most promising new public infrastructure, which has received widespread attention in many countries and has begun to be constructed.
"Multiple poles in one" smart lamppost is to expand the functions of wireless monitoring, 5G base stations, WIFI coverage, air quality monitoring, environmental monitoring and other functions based on the realization of smart lighting. It is the deep application of "smart city" and "Internet +" in the smart city construction. It is also an effective carrier for the smart city to realize the Internet of Things perception platform.

The TAICENN Industrial Panel PC for smart lamppost:
The principle of the smart lamppost is based on the light pole. It is a smart product that integrates various information equipment and technical innovation applications. It has smart lighting, environmental information collection, security and road smart monitoring, micro base stations, information release, emergency response, and various functions such as video broadcasting and intelligent charging piles for electric vehicles. As a carrier of industrial computing hardware, Industrial touchscreen (industrial panel PC) provides information processing, device control and human-machine interaction for smart street lighting applications.
On the whole, the requested computing performance and configuration of the industrial panel PC for smart street lamps are relatively simple. However, the outdoor application environment is very complex for the smart lamppost, including wind and sun, strong direct sunlight, thunderstorm & typhoon, high temperature & snowstorm ...etc. Such a complex site environment challenges the safety, long-term stability, and outdoor protection of industrial panel PC system.
As a professional industrial computing solution provider & manufacturer, TAICENN provides full IP65 protection and sunlight readable panel PC system for customers, after consulting with customers on application requirements, outdoor environment, light lamppost mount structure, and system requirements. Industrial Panel PC products can meet the actual needs of smart light lamppost and help the construction and development of smart cities.

Industrial Android Panel PC for Smart lamppost
Product Features:
- Full IP65 waterproof and dustproof protection, aluminum material designed;
- 10.1-inch widescreen, resolution 1280 * 800, projective capacitive touchscreen (PCT);
- operating temperature -20 ~ +70C, humidity is less than 95%;
- High brightness up to 1000 nits, sunlight-readable, optional with auto-light sensor;
- Lightning protection in outdoor environment, surge static protection;
- Full protection aviation plug, 1 DC power, 1 RJ45 port, 1 USB port.
- Android platform, supports the latest Android OS version, optional with X86 platform products according to customer needs.

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