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TAICENN Industrial Panel PC for Smart Library
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With the continuous advancement of technology and the continuous change of public opinion, self-service equipment has been widely used in various fields of daily life, such as cafeterias, self-service supermarkets, etc., and the construction of libraries also needs to keep pace with the times and move towards intelligence and self-service direction. In the process of promoting national reading and promoting the construction of spiritual civilization, the traditional library lending management style has become increasingly unable to meet the needs of modern reading. This not only refers to the reader's process, but also involves the management and service level of the library staff.
The smart library is an extension of traditional library services in terms of time and space. It can provide readers with full self-service reading, borrowing and returning of books. It is based on RFID technology and IoT technology, with smart devices as the medium, and with the goal of achieving intelligent management, unifying the library, network, database, equipment, and readers into an intelligent system.

TAICENN Industrial Panel PC for Smart Library

Smart libraries can provide value chain solutions from raw material production management to end-user applications. Combining technology and humanities to provide appropriate library operation planning. RFID technology is applied to the system integration and introduction experience of different libraries to improve customization capabilities and ensure the seamless integration of new and old systems, and an innovative & flexible team operation model with a proactive corporate culture. Eventually, library staff can manage and maintain more quickly and accurately, and readers can enjoy better services.

Application requirements: 
With the development of the latest informatization and networking, as well as the rise of the concept of the Internet of Things, the intelligent library self-service terminal system has realized the requirements of digital unmanned management, simplified readers’ borrowing and returning procedures, shortened book circulation cycles, and increased book borrowing rates, to make the book borrowing convenient and quick, and get orderly management. The intelligent library forms an overall dynamic management of the reader's borrowing process, while reducing the labor cost of the library.
The library self-service terminal system adopts integrated information technology to complete the operation of borrowing and returning books, assisting the latest computing hardware modules, and flexibly industrial touch Panel computer system, supporting multimedia information display such as ultra-high-definition images/voices and human-machine interaction. The user information is collected by RFID and ID card identification and other card identification technology, the router transmits the data to the back-end server and database, and the server automatically completes the confirmation.
TAICENN Industrial Panel PC for Smart Library
TAICENN solution in the smart library applications:
Aiming at the characteristics of multiple intelligent functions of intelligent library self-service terminal equipment, the high-standard industrial computing panel hardware needs to meet the following characteristics:
➤Low power consumption and fanless design;
➤Multi-size requirements, suitable for different human-machine interaction situation;
➤The front panel IP65 protection level;
➤Ensure that the system runs automatically to meet the equipment's continuous 24-hour work;
➤Support WiFi/4G wireless expansion to ensure real-time and stable data transmission;

Based on this, TAICENN provides our system-integrator customers with industrial panel PC products TPC-DCM series products, providing two sizes of 15.6 and 21.5 inches. TPC-DCM156C1 and TPC-DCM215C1 are ultra-slim wide screen industrial touch panel PCs, using Intel Baytrail platform, quad-core J1900 processor, high-strength aluminum-magnesium alloy structure, low-power and large-area heat sink design. Combining high-quality LED backlight 16:9 LCD screen (Full HD 1920x1080), with wide temperature adaptation, to ensure ultra-low power consumption and stable operation. The self-developed tempered glass with the 10-point capacitive touch screen design on the surface, makes the front panel reach IP65 protection level. It supports wide-voltage power supply DC 9~24V input expansion, maximum 8GB DDR3 memory and two storage solution, dual Intel gigabit network, two serial ports and multi-channel display, EETI touch controller with excellent algorithm ability, flexible mount methods.
TAICENN Industrial Panel PC for Smart Library
Key Features:
● High-strength aluminum-magnesium alloy material, sheet metal structure;
● 15.6- and 21.5-inch widescreen LCD screen, LED backlight, full HD 1920*1080;
● Intel Baytrail platform, J1900 quad-core four-threads low-power processor;
● Multi-point capacitive touch (max. up to 10 points), EETI high-precision touch controller;
● Fanless design, flat and ultra-slim design, front panel IP65 protection;
● Panel mount installation, support VESA 75/100 installation;
● DC 9~24V voltage input, with overvoltage and overcurrent reverse connection power protection;
● 2 Intel Ethernet ports, 2 serial ports (optional 1 RS485), 4 USB ports (1 USB3.0);
● Optional expansion of 3G/4G/LTE, or WIFI/Bluetooth wireless expansion;
● Optional 2x 2w mini speakers;
● I/O interface: 4 USB, 2 GLAN, 2 COM, 1 HDMI, audio.

At the end:
With the rapid development of network information and the Internet of Things, smart libraries and their self-service terminal systems have also achieved digital requirements. And their applications will become more and more widespread. TAICENN TPC-DCM series industrial touch panel PCs combine the design concepts of high reliability, low power consumption, high expansion, and fanless and modular design, providing strong hardware support for the application field of smart libraries.

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