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Industrial Panel PC used in Intelligent Building Management System application
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Architecture is the crystallization of science and technology and culture and art in a certain historical period of human beings. It must absorb the real-time advanced technology, and reflect the development level of productivity at that time. Today's architecture, especially large-scale high-rise buildings, is not only a symbol of urban culture, but also an important support point for urban informatization - the node of information network. The external environment of the informatization wave and the requirements of people for providing information services for buildings, as well as the management and sales of buildings themselves, rely heavily on information, which makes the rise and development of intelligent buildings inevitable.

Intelligent Building Management System (IBMS) is an important part of buildings such as smart buildings and exhibition halls. Based on the current advanced network technology, computer technology, communication technology, control technology and data processing technology, the various subsystems are connected through the network, and the operation and security status of many scattered devices are uniformly monitored and managed. According to real-time data analysis to achieve linkage between the various subsystems, to improve management efficiency. At the same time, through statistical analysis of energy consumption in the exhibition hall, the operation state of the equipment is optimized, energy consumption is reduced, and economic cost is saved.

Application requirements:
The first phase of an international convention center includes the North Landing Hall, W1, W2, W3, W4, W5, W6, and the basement subsystems. The subsystems contain the following independent subsystems, mainly for the BA system and card in the exhibition hall. Integrated platform for systems, network security systems, computer room systems, information dissemination, security alarms, fire protection, broadcast conferencing systems, ticketing and video systems. The industrial panel pc provides hardware support for the IBMS system, which greatly improves the operational efficiency of the pavilion in the application requirements. It also integrates the monitoring subsystems into an organic whole, relying on scientific and advanced integration technologies to provide users with relatively independent, centralized, unified and convenient management services, saving energy consumption and labor costs, creating a convenient and fast for customers, so as to provide efficient business environment and to achieve intelligent management of buildings.

Product requirements:
For the industrial panel pc in the intelligent building management system, in general, it will require suitable size, capacitive touch, low power consumption, provide rich interface, stylish appearance, stable and reliable performance, and make the system have a beautiful human-machine interface for the underlying system management personnel to view, modify, and understand the real-time status at any time, provide data support for the emergency processing, display the building energy management system to do the energy analysis interface, and perform equipment analysis equipment maintenance for the equipment operation; Real-time monitoring information of each weak electronic system covered: real-time process information (including various alarm information); management information (such as personnel management information of the access control system); video information (such as image information of TV monitoring system) can be real-time Displayed on industrial tablets, it provides a strong backing for the handling of emergencies.
Depending on the needs of different installation locations, it will also involve indoor installation and outdoor (no limited to outdoor), and there may be a requirements for high brightness and automatic light perception. If used in indoor installation, the LCD screen with normal brightness can be satisfied; however, if it is installed in a building door or a building entrance and exit, it may involve direct sunlight, and generally needs to provide customers with high brightness and automatic light perception.
TAICENN solutions and products:

TAICENN TPC-DCM150C model is a high-performance ultra-thin fanless 15-inch capacitive touch industrial panel pc. This product is designed with Intel Celeron J1900 quad-core processor; true flat multi-point (max. to 10 points) capacitive touch screen, IP65 waterproof and dustproof protection on the front surface; rich input and output interfaces, including 2* Intel Gigabit Ethernet port of the chip, 4* USB ports, 2* RS232 serial ports, 1* HDMI video interface and audio input and output interface; this product supports a 2.5-inch SATA or 1* mSATA storage interface, the capacitive touch interface defaults with USB (can optional with RS232); the power input is DC DC 12~24v; this ultra-thin industrial tablet can support 3G/4G/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth extension and optional with 2* 2w internal mini speakers; at last, TPC-DCM150C computer can support panel mount and VESA 75/100 mount, and is compatible with mainstream Win7, Win8, Win embedded, WIN10, and Linux operating systems.

Product Features:
1- 15.0 inch, 1024*768 resolution, industrial LCD screen;
2- Multi-touch (max. up to 10 points) capacitive touch, tempered glass surface;
3- stable and reliable, pure industrial fanless ultra-thin design, low power J1900 processor;
4- Rich I/O: 2* Gigabit Ethernet ports, 2* serial ports, 4* USB ports, to meet various external needs of the industrial site.
5- Panel mount, also supports VESA 75/100 mount, front panel IP65 level protection.

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