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NFC function and new application of NFC built-in industrial Panel PC & Monitor
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What is NFC?
Near Field Communication (NFC) is an emerging technology. Devices that use NFC technology (such as mobile phones) can exchange data when they are close to each other. The NFC technology is improved from interconnection and interworking technology, by integrating the functions of inductive card reader, inductive card and point-to-point communication on a single chip. The mobile terminal is used to realize mobile payment, electronic ticketing, access control, mobile identity recognition, anti-counterfeiting, and other applications. The near field communication service has enhanced the functions of mobile phones, gradually made consumer behavior into electronic automation, and established a new type of user consumption and business model.
NFC function and new application of NFC built-in industrial Panel PC & Monitor
Features of NFC:
Near field communication is a short-range wireless communication technology developed based on RFID technology. Like RFID, near-field communication information is also transmitted through the electromagnetic induction coupling of the radio frequency part of the frequency spectrum, but there is still a big difference between them. The transmission range of NFC is smaller than that of RFID. The transmission range of RFID can reach 0~1m, but because of the unique signal attenuation technology adopted by NFC, NFC has low cost, high bandwidth and energy consumption. Inferior characteristics.
The main characteristics of NFC technology are as follows:
(1) Wireless communication technology for secure communication at short distances (within 10 cm).
(2) RF frequency: 13.56MHz.
(3) RF compatibility: ISO 14443, ISO 15693, Felica standards, and other special encrypted Mifare or MIFare Plus.
(4) Data transmission speed: 106kbit / s, 212 kbit / s, 424kbit / s.

Application of NFC:
Based on a near-field communication technology, NFC has a wide range of applications. It can be summarized mainly as payment applications, security applications, and tag applications.
(1) Payment application
NFC payment mainly refers to the application of a NFC-enabled mobile phone to a bank card and a card. The application of NFC as a virtual bank card is called an open-loop application. The application that NFC virtualizes into a card is called a closed-loop application. At present, the development of open-loop and closed-loop applications of NFC in China is not ideal. The open-loop application missed the best time, behind WeChat Pay and Alipay. In the closed-loop application, although the NFC function of mobile phones has been opened in some cities, it has not gained popularity. However, as the popularization technology of NFC mobile phones continues to mature, the card system will gradually support the application of NFC mobile phones. The prospect is optimistic, but the process is destined to be tortuous.
(2) Security application
The application of NFC security is mainly to virtualize mobile phones into access cards, electronic tickets, and so on. The NFC virtual access card is to write the existing access card data into the mobile phone's NFC, so that the smart phone can be used to achieve the access control function without using a smart card. The application of the NFC virtual electronic ticket is that after the user purchases the ticket, the ticket sales system sends the ticket information to the mobile phone. A mobile phone with NFC function can virtualize the ticket information into an electronic ticket. You can directly swipe the phone during the check. The application of NFC in security systems is an important area for NFC applications in the future, and the prospects are very broad. Because in this area can directly bring economic benefits to the technology users, giving them more incentive to upgrade existing equipment and technology.
(3) Tag application
The application of the NFC tag is to write some information into an NFC tag. The user only needs to swipe the NFC tag on the NFC tag to obtain the relevant information immediately. Although the application of NFC tags is very convenient and the cost is very low, but the current popularity of mobile networks and the gradual popularity of two-dimensional codes, the application prospects of NFC tags are not optimistic.
NFC function and new application of NFC built-in industrial Panel PC & Monitor
New application of NFC function in industrial display computer system
With the continuous popularization of industrial automation and commercial automation, people have higher and higher requirements on new communication technologies. More and more industrial Panel PC and industrial monitor will require the integration of new technologies, such as RFID or NFC. The industrial Panel PC & monitors integrate the NFC function to achieve typical payment applications or security applications.
In generally, to most industrial manufacturer, the integrated NFC module will be designed on the panel of industrial panel or industrial display. The advantage of such integration is simple and convenient; the disadvantage is the panel will occupy more space and the space feeling is not good.
As a manufacturer of industrial solutions for industrial computing system, TAICENN has developed a new built-in NFC function integration solution together with a customer in Europe. It is equipped with a high-precision and MiFare encryption chip NFC module and antenna, which is placed behind the LCD screen, break through the glass, save the space of the industrial display panel, beautiful appearance, and achieve the accurate near field communication effect of industrial panel PC and industrial monitor.

TAICENN customized monitor with built-in NFC function TM-OC150HNFC:
The newly developed & customized industrial monitor solution product is based on TAICENN “modular design” concept, using our TM-OC150 touch panel modules, true flat design and multi-point projective capacitive touchscreen. The front panel can achieve front IP65 waterproof and dustproof protection, fanless and ultra-slim design, integrated NFC module and antenna behind LCD screen, exquisite appearance structure, can be widely used in various types of commercial automation and industrial automation applications.

According to the requirements of customers' vehicle applications, this machine is designed with a high brightness of 1000 nits and a built-in automatic light sensor design. The light sensor holes are located under the tempered glass cover. This machine is designed with multi-point capacitive touch, using RS232 touch control interface, and NFC serial RS232 communication interface. It is equipped with 1x DVI and 1x VGA signal input, and it uses wide voltage DC 9~36v power input. This machine is ideal for outdoor vehicle and shuttle applications.
NFC function and new application of NFC built-in industrial Panel PC & Monitor
TM-OC150HNFC main features:
● 15.0”TFT LCD, LED backlit, Resolution 1024 x 768;
● Multi 10-points Pcap. touchscreen (RS232 interface);
● 3mm thickness tempered glass;
● Aluminum-magnesium alloy, anodic treatment;
● High brightness 1000 nits, with automatic light sensor;
● Multi DVI+VGA Signal input;
● Internal NFC module integrated, RS232 interface;
● NFC protocol: ISO 14443A, Mifare, Mifare Plus, DESFire EV1, ISO14443B, Felica;
● Industrial wide temp. -20 ~ +60C range, DC 9~36v power input;
● Rear mounting and VESA mounting;

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