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Industrial monitor used in autonomous driving system vehicles (smart car) applications
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Autonomous driving system vehicles, also known as autonomous vehicles, Self-piloting automobile, driverless cars, computer-driven cars, or wheeled mobile robots, is a driverless smart car system via a vehicle-mounted computer system. The development of autonomous vehicle technology has been several decades in the 20th century, and it has been approaching practicality in the early 21st century. For example, Google Autopilot acquired the first self-driving vehicle in the United States in May 2012. 
In China, autonomous vehicles are also developing very rapidly. Local governments have also made positive statements and support for the development of autonomous driving, standardizing the actual road test for self-driving cars. At the same time, the government has also issued intelligent network road test notification and temporary driving number plates to some bigger companies.

Application requirements:
Autonomous vehicle technology includes video cameras, radar sensors, and laser rangefinders to understand the surrounding traffic conditions and navigate the road ahead through a detailed map. It's all done through a data center, which handles a lot of information about the surrounding terrain collected by all driverless cars. Autonomous vehicle is equivalent to a remote controlled car or smart car in a data center. Autonomous driving vehicles rely on artificial intelligence, visual computing, radar, surveillance devices and positioning systems to work together to allow the computer to operate the vehicle automatically and safely without any human active operation.
The general structure consists of laser radar, front camera, tire sensors, front and rear radar, and host computer. The safety requirements is ultra-high to a self-driving car, the host computer is equivalent to the brain of the car. It not only has data interaction with the data center, but also real-time data optimization. At the same time, the vehicle is usually equipped with a display screen to show real-time data of the vehicle. Also touch function is an important feature to achieve human-car interaction.

Product requirements:
We are working tight with a famous European autonomous driving system company. The application scenario is an airport shuttle bus or other shuttle bus scene. The application will have the following requirements for the actual application scenario:
 12.1 inch and 15.0 inch industrial displays;
 Outdoor highlights and automatic light perception;
 Explosion-proof glass AG treatment;
 Customized rear mounting (similar to open) fixing;
 High stability seismic and connection performance;
 Optional built-in NFC function;
 Special size requirements.

TAICENN solutions and products:
TAICENN and the customer have carefully discussed and analyzed the customer's product requirements. We decided to customize an industrial monitor product TM-OC150H-312 for customer sample testing. This industrial monitor is 15.0 or 12.1-inches, resolution 1024*768, high brightness 1000 nits with automatic light sensor to adjust brightness; sample based on 3mm explosion-proof glass, and AG treatment, suitable for outdoor applications; multi-point capacitive touchscreen, the touch interface is RS232 serial port, which enhances the touch stability during use; according to the actual application requirements, the monitor should be rear mounted, support VESA mount. And for some potential specific application industries, we can also provide built-in NFC integration features for convenience.
Product Features:
 Aluminum-magnesium alloy material, anodized treatment;
 15.0-inch LCD screen with 1024*768 resolution;
 Dual video input, 1* DVI, 1* VGA interface;
 Outdoor high-brightness 1000 nits with automatic light sensor;
 Customized 3mm explosion-proof tempered glass, AG treatment;
 Multi-point (10 points) capacitive touch, RS232 communication interface;
 Rear mount method, support VESA;
 Optional built-in NFC, affixed to the screen, nice appearance;
 Industrial temperature -20~+60C range.

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