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Industrial touch panel PC used in Vehicle indoor & outdoor application
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The urbanization of modern society is developing very rapidly, and the speed of urbanization is also getting faster and faster, which also puts forward deep requirements for the scientific management of urbanization. With the further development of automation and information technology, the construction of the smart city and smart public transportation may be the scientific answer.
Whether it is developed countries or developing countries, it vigorously advocates and promotes eco-friendly energy public transportation, and uses advanced smart bus system to ensure that people can take public buses more conveniently and cost-saving. The ultimate goal is to build a convenient and efficient public bus system, relying on modern high-tech technology, providing safe & convenient and comfortable services to enhance the attractiveness of people choosing bus travel. Bus indoor vehicle information management platform provides passengers with convenient information services while the vehicle is moving.
Industrial touch panel PC used in Vehicle indoor & outdoor application.
Application requirements:
The application of this case is relatively simple, that is the bus indoor vehicle information system provides passengers with rich information services and basic card-sweeping services. The project aims to provide passengers with an information system that combines the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud server system technology to achieve remote monitoring and management of vehicles. It not only provides security for public transportation, but also provides convenient informational interaction for passengers. Passengers can get a ticket by calling the card, or also implement the mobile payment function. Due to the large shock & vibration requirements of the vehicle moving, and the vehicle display has the possibility to be under sun-light during the road driving process, the hardware system must ensure long-term stable operation. The LCD display and touchscreen must be able to suit the perfect sun-readable effect of the moving environment, so as to provide customers with the best information interaction.

TAICENN solution:
As a solution provider & manufacturer of industrial Box computers, industrial panel PCs and industrial display products, TAICENN confirmed the actual application requirements and usage environment after consulting and communication with system integrators customers. This hardware system requires a 15.6-inch widescreen full HD 1920*1080 resolution LCD screen, because the vehicle will stop in the European outdoor & indoor parking sites, the vehicle is likely to be directly exposed to snow or sunlight; the system will use Ubuntu operating system, which request high computing and low power consumption. So, it is recommended to use the 7th-gen. Core i5-7200U processor platform. Considering the application environment of direct sunlight, this industrial panel computer recommends to use high brightness 1000nits and automatic light-sensor integration. The adaptive LCD brightness is convenient for passengers to recognize and read; The integrated RFID (NFC) modules are convenient for realizing human-bus interaction and realizing functions such as card payment. Of course, the 4G/WIFI/GPS equipped with the machine can identify the positioning and network interconnection of the vehicle, which is convenient for fleet management and passengers's using.
Industrial touch panel PC used in Vehicle indoor & outdoor application.
Product Features:
  • 15.6-inch widescreen, vertical display, Full HD 1920*1080;
  • Multi-point capacitive touchscreen, EETI precision algorithm touch control;
  • Intel low-power & high computing, 7th-gen. Core i5-7200U CPU, dual-cores 2.5Ghz, burst to 3.1Ghz;
  • LED backlight, high brightness 1000 nits, and automatic light-sensor;
  • Slim design, 60mm thickness, open-frame mounting, support for VESA 75/100 mount;
  • Integrated NFC module function, supporting ISO 14443 protocol standard;
  • High-strength aluminum alloy panel, anodizing and anti-scratch treatment;
  • Whole system fanless design, and the front panel supports IP65 waterproof and dust-proof standard;
  • Integrate 4G, Wi-Fi, GPS functions and use a 3-in-1 combo antenna design;
  • Industrial grade LCD, whole system -20~+70C industrial wide-temperature range;
  • Various IO: 2*GLAN (Intel), 4* USB3.0, 2* COM ports, 1*HDMI, Mic-in/Line out.

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