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Informatized smart hospitals cannot do without industrial computers
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The concept of "smart hospital" has only been proposed in the world for only 10 years. Since the concept was raised, hospitals have carried out different explorations, using Internet technology, intelligent technology, including some technologies of artificial intelligence in medical services field. Chinese explorations in this field are basically synchronized with the international.

The scope of the current smart hospital mainly includes three major areas: The first is “smart medical care” for medical staff. With the electronic medical record as the core of information construction, electronic medical records and other systems such as imaging and inspection are interconnected. The second area is the “smart service” for patients. In general, it includes online medical services, intelligent and humanized one-stop experience, intelligent testing and smart pharmacy. Many hospitals, self-service machines, including mobile phone settlement, appointment registration, appointment diagnosis, information reminder and some information services derived. The third area is “wisdom management” for hospitals. An important part of the hospital's refined management is the refined cost accounting, which is used for the management of the internal logistics of these hospitals, the optimization of the medical treatment process, the use of mobile phones by the administrators, or the operation of the whole hospital on the computer in the office. An office system that includes OA. This large area is used for the refined information management of hospitals.

As a model of national smart hospital construction, a hospital in Shenzhen has invested 1.1 billion Chinese yuan, covers an area of only 40,000 square meters, has a construction area of 100,000 square meters, and plans to have 1,000 ordinary beds. The hospital was originally designed for an outpatient volume of 3,000 person-times per day, but now it can accept 6,000 people per day. Why can it double the effect? The perfect information system in the future not only helps the hospital to improve its operational efficiency, but also achieves the core goal of “patient-centered”, reducing medical errors, ensuring medical safety, and playing an important role in improving the quality of medical services.

Industry requirement:

With the rapid development of commercial automation, the application of process, information, computer technology and network communication in smart hospitals is becoming more and more extensive, and the information-based autonomy service of the whole process makes the demand for industrial monitor and industrial & embedded computer applications increasingly steady. As an industrial computer solution provider & manufacturer, TAICENN specializes in industrial automation and commercial automation system applications, providing high performance, high stability and reliability products, and guarantees long-term supply cycle and support services.

The informatization of smart hospitals cannot do without the high efficiency and stability of informatization. Industrial computer products and applications need to operate stably for a long time, and must be guaranteed to operate normally 24 hours per day, otherwise the efficiency will be greatly discounted, affecting the enthusiasm of medical staff, and the actual operation effect of medical personnel, the trial operation and normal development of smart hospitals Will be greatly affected.

Product demand:
In the process of informatization of intelligent hospitals, the most common and most obvious two directions for medical staff and medical personnel are the human-machine interaction (HMI) of intelligent one-stop service, and the intelligent inspection and informatization of intelligent pharmacy. service.

Patients use computer information technology, Internet technology, Internet of Things technology, RFID and 2D code technology, from segmentation appointments, on time to medical, timely area code, automated broadcasting, one-stop medical consultation and payment for drugs, the process is simple. For intelligent inspection and smart pharmacy, medical staff use industrial and embedded technology solutions and products to improve the efficiency, and provide more convenient and rapid services for patients. The human-machine interaction can’t do without industrial monitor and industrial computers, including industrial panel pc and industrial computer systems, and there are application scenarios, including high-performance low-power processor industrial & embedded computer systems, and 15.6-inch industrial touch panel PC. 

TAICENN solutions and products:
  1. For the construction of smart hospitals, TAICENN offers high-performance low-power industrial computer solution TBOX-2310, quad-core four-thread high-performance low-power Intel J1900 processor; rich IO interface, protection Dual network port, 6 USB ports and 6 serial ports, 1 HDMI and 1 VGA display interface; ultra-compact and fanless design; stable and stable supply.
  2. At the same time, human-machine interaction application system, TAICENN offers TM-PC series industrial monitor and TPC-DCM series industrial panel pc products, equipped with multi-platform Celeron J1900/Core i3/i5/i7 processor, etc. Size display support includes 10.4 to 24.0 inch 9 sizes; EETI excellent algorithm touch screen; ultra-thin and complete fanless design; rich IO interface including dual network port, 4 USB and 2 serial ports, 1 HDMI display interface.

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