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15.6-inch Industrial Panel PC runs stably in smart manufacturing
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Smart manufacturing is a very important topic in the "Made in China 2025" plan, also known as Intelligent manufacturing. Smart Manufacturing is a service-oriented, knowledge-based, collaborative approach to human-machine collaboration that connects manufacturing resources with support from the Internet of Things, the Industrial Internet, content/knowledge networks, networking and advanced manufacturing technologies. Smart manufacturing is a product of high integration of informationization and industrialization. In recent years, both information technology and industrial fields have ushered in a profound transformation. In the field of information technology, cloud computing, big data, mobile internet, social networks, etc. have changed the traditional thinking mode of informationization and applied information technology to a broader space. In the industrial field, from the industrial robot smart factory, automation technology integrates more information technology, which greatly enhances the level of intelligence.
Application requirements:
Smart manufacturing includes service computing, material-based computing (ubiquitous computing), intelligent computing, and human-involved computing. From the perspective of data, information, and knowledge flows, it acquires the raw data of "things" through the Internet of Things. To integrate various services through the service network Provides personalized service around customer needs. Through the integration decision of human and physical objects to realize the control of objects or machines, so as to create a "object-data-information-knowledge-wisdom-service-human-object" cycle. Finally, the smart manufacturing system will request high reliable and capable embedded computer systems, so as to achieve the whole system computing ability, with stable operation and long-term support in future.

Product Requirements:
TAICENN 15.6-inch industrial Panel PC TPC-DCM156C is a very important product model of the TAICENN modular computer system. It is equipped with Intel Celeron J1900 low-power processor. The industrial Panel PC is fanless, compact & slim designed, multiple protection design and streamlined design. The designed rich IO ports and optional features are very suitable for Smart manufacturing, such as MES.
Product main features:
   - Various dimensions: 15.0, 15.6, 17.0, 18.5, 19.0, 21.5 and 24.0;
   - high quality LCD display with LED backlit;
   - Multi-level CPU options, including Intel Baytrail, Apollo lake, Skylake, Kaby lake;
   - Memory max. support up to 8GB or 16GB (DDR4L);
   - Low power, compact & fanless design;
   - True flat, zero bezel front panel, front IP65 protection;
   - Self-Developed Anti-finger print industrial capacitive touch screen;
   - Panel mount & VESA mount;
   - Rich IO ports: 2* GLAN, 4* USB, 2* RS232, 1* HDMI, optional with 2* 2w Speaker;

   - Optional wireless with 3G/4G/LTE, Wi-fi/Bluetooth.

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