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Industrial panel PC "dead" reasons and solutions
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With the increasing popularity of industrial panel PC applications, it has been applied to more and more industrial applications and projects. As a type of electronic product, industrial panel PC will inevitably have some failures. When industrial panel PCs are "dead", how can we solve it? In order to solve the problem better, we must first find out the cause of the problem. Please follow us to find out the reason of the industrial panel PC crash, and how to solve them.

1. Poor heat dissipation inside the panel PC
Industrial panel PCs are always working in harsh environment, such as high temperatures or dusty environment. Once the industrial panel pc enters the dust, the heat dissipation effects of various electronic components such as boards and CPUs, causing the industrial Panel PC to "crash".
Solution: Regularly clean the internal dust of the industrial tablet and keep it well ventilated.

2, Too high external environment temperature 
Industrial panel PCs are sensitive to ambient temperature, hot summers, and industrial panel PCs are prone to "dead" when air conditioners are damaged.
Solution: Fix the air conditioner, reduce the ambient temperature of the industrial tablet computer, and ensure the normal operation of the industrial tablet computer.

3. Frequently clean up temporarily generated documents
When an industrial panel pc is running, it generates a large number of temporary files which will take up hard disk and system resources and affect the speed at which industrial tablets process information.
Solution: To check the hard disk and delete temporary files regularly, so as to improve the speed of processing information on industrial tablets.

4, the amount of data is too large, the CPU is inefficient
When an industrial panel pc handles too many live signals transmitted by PLC, the industrial panel pc has low CPU efficiency and small memory. It cannot recognize and process so many signals at the same time, causing these signals to “crash”, causing the industrial panel computer into “crash”. ".
Solution: Due to the limitation of the slot of the industrial tablet motherboard, the smart memory is expanded to 64M. The main solution is to reduce the frequency of industrial tablet processing to identify the scene signal, to avoid signal "crash".

5, check the CPU fan and mainboard power supply fan
The cooling of industrial panel pc is mainly carried out by CPU fans and AC power fans. When the CPU fan is damaged, the temperature of the CPU rises, which can easily cause the industrial computer to "crash."
Solution: Always check the fan of the industrial panel PC and replace the damaged fan in time. The industrial panel pc of the central control room is only equipped with a heat sink when the factory is shipped. It is fanless design. The temperature of the CPU is reduced by nearly 5 °C.

The above are the reason for the possibility of industrial panel PC crashes. In general, in addition to right operation, the necessary maintenance is required. In the using process, temperature issue must be paid attention to. Temporary files also should be cleaned frequently. 

In addition, for industrial projects, the right selection of an industrial panel PCs is also very important. When project consult step and product promotion, it is necessary for supplier & manufacturers to offer the most suitable and cost-effective product solutions, in combination with practical application projects and application environments. It is absolutely not possible to introduce it, only meet the customer's budget. Good product suggestion and selection can eliminate the potential risks of industrial panels in advance.

As a solution provider & manufacturer of industrial computers and industrial display system, TAICENN has always required our sales team to strictly meet the requirements of the project, especially for the project selection stage, to offer the best solution and products, so as to eliminate any potential risks in future.

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