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What are the new trends in industrial panel PC with the latest technology development?
Release Time:2019/9/29 Number Of Clicks:246

As it has been information age, the development of the Internet and the Internet of Things (IoT) has given more possibilities to all kinds of industries. For the industrial application, industrial Internet of Things, industrial big data, and the development of the latest 5G will bring a new round of "transformation" to the industry. As an important part of industrial automation applications, and what new trends will be driven to Industrial panel PCs with these new technologies.
1, CPU: multi-core processing
Same as consumer computers, industrial panel PC also look at the CPU platform first, referred to as the central processor (CPU), single core, dual-core, quad-core, or even more multi-core processing.The CPU of an industrial computer system determines how fast the product runs. With the development of new technologies, the data required for industrial panel PCs will be greatly improved. In the future, the CPU of industrial panel PCs will be multi more cores, which will better meet the demand for data processing.

2, graphics card: higher graphics processing capabilities
The graphics cards of industrial screen computers are integrated and independent. Nowadays, industrial applications are increasingly demanding the image processing for industrial panel pc, which requires industrial panel pc to provide better graphics processing capabilities, which is to improve the performance of the GPU.

3, memory: DDR4 
Industrial panel PC memory is a temporary data storage area that software and system files often need to call. Memory is one of the important accessories that determine the speed of industrial computer hardware. There are obvious performance difference between DDR3 and DDR4 to an industrial panel PC system. The speed performance of DDR4 is generally twice than DDR3. In the future, DDR4 will be the mainstream. Or even in the near future, the technology of memory also will be further improved.

4, hard drive: Bigger quantity of solid state drive
The hard disk of an industrial computer is a carrier for storing data. Industrial panel PC hard drives are divided into solid state drives and traditional hard drives. Solid state drives use NAND flash as storage media, which will be faster. The disadvantage of SSD is small and expensive. However, with the development of new NAND technologies, the capacity of NAND flashes will be greatly increased, and the cost will also be reduced. It will greatly improves the cost competitiveness of solid state drives.

5, Touchscreen: capacitive
Industrial touchscreen can generally two mainstream types:  resistive touch and capacitive touch. Because of different principle of touchscreen technology, the resistive has been a good choice for industrial computers that require stability. However, with the development of new touch technologies, the anti-interference of capacitive touch has gradually improved, coupled with the excellent experience of multi-touch touch screen. We can foresee that the capacitive touchscreen will be used more and more on industrial panel pc products.
6, the housing: tend to be beautiful
Today's industrial panel pc structure is generally made from aluminum alloy and are manufactured in various industrial processes. The oxidation resistance of aluminum is very good and the heat dissipation performance is stronger. In general, industrial applications are different from ordinary commercial applications, which will have higher requirements on panel PC appearance. However, more and more industrial applications begin to popularize industrial panel pc, people will have higher and higher requirements on beautiful appearance.

In general, the basic structure of industrial panel PC will change significantly with the constant improvement of technology, and the changes in industrial application requirements. In the industrial Internet of Things, big data and even the future development of 5G in the industrial field, not only the structure of industrial panel computers will change, but also to manufacturers, it is possible to make continuous improvement in order to survive in the fierce market competition. 

TAICENN has always been committed to providing the best industrial panel pc solutions and products, so as to provide cost-effective and high-value industrial computer system products for industrial customers.

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