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Where is the embedded computer stronger than the regular industrial computer?
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The embedded computer is a compact computer that is specially designed for industrial applications. It is a reinforced and enhanced industrial computer that can operate as an industrial controller system in the industry. Common embedded computer has embedded box computer, fanless industrial computer. The embedded computer has high reliability, fanless design, exquisite volume and low price, and it is becoming more and more popular in the use of industrial computers. Especially in recent years, with the growth of embedded technology, embedded computer is also growing very quick, and soon used in various categories, and occupied more and more major applications.

Then compared with the regular industrial computer, what is the difference between the embedded computer? Where is the disadvantage?

First, the advantages of embedded computer in terms of product function
1. The product has good function compatibility, and it is almost completely compatible with the function of controlled system. It has inevitable expansion but does not expand to the secondary target, so the product is cost-effective;
2. Installation miniaturization is one of the secondary performances. It is expressed as a compact concept design. There is no scale for reference to the layout. It is necessary to fully consider the external interface and the installation space.
3, high reliability to meet the concept of fundamentals, we must carefully consider the concept of the cooling system, electromagnetic compatibility, dust and water proof, anti-vibration ideas and other reliable ideas;

4. Ultra-low power consumption without fan is conceived as a tributary. Because of the miniaturization of the installation, the cooling capacity is unlimited, and the embedded system MTBF (mean time-free working time) requirements are also very high, especially in the unattended class, ultra-low power without fan assumptions become mandatory.

Second, the difference between embedded computer and regular industrial computer
Firstly, the embedded computer is located in the whole measurement and control system, often at the front end. The computing power, software application and database support of the regular industrial computer are difficult to match for embedded computer;
Secondly, in the establishment of large-scale systems, the system expansion capability of the regular industrial computer and the collection of communication capabilities are also difficult to replace with the embedded industrial computer;

In addition, in the areas of visualization, process embedded industrial computer, data statistics, scientific calculation, prototype simulation, in-loop simulation, etc., the regular industrial computer has inherent disadvantages.

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