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Intel 8th generation Whiskey lake highlights analysis
Release Time:2019/10/30 Number Of Clicks:235

At this stage, there are more and more industrial computers equipped with Intel's 8th generation Whiskey Lake platform processor. Then we will analyze and summarize the highlights of Intel's 8th generation Whiskey Lake platform processor in this article.

It can be seen that the most remarkable feature of this generation of U series processors is the higher core frequency. The highest core frequency of the i7-8565U has reached 4.6GHz, while the desktop version of the Core i7-7700K is only 4.5GHz. Default Turbo. The i7-8550U's score is 4.0GHz. The standard power consumption is still 15W, and the upper power limit can be greatly floated when the heat is allowed. This has been reflected in the previous eight-generation Core processor.

The first batch of eight generation low voltage processors
Not surprisingly, if this generation of processor products unlocks the TDP limit, it will reach or exceed the level of the seventh-generation standard pressure processor i7-7700HQ in terms of theoretical performance, truly becoming a thin and light processor for high-performance playable games.

16 hours of long battery life
According to the official test results, in the i7-8565U processor equipped with 15W TDP, using the integrated graphics card and 52Wh battery to continuously play local 1080P video, the machine life can reach up to 16 hours. Compared with the products that are generally around ten hours, the improvement is very significant.
According to Intel's official statement, the WHL processor adopts Intel's improved 14nm process (it is not clear whether it is 14nm++ or other versions). I believe that the relationship between battery life and process is significant. Of course, the overall energy-saving training is also Play a key role.
According to the information given by Intel, the new processor also integrates the Gigabit-class WiFi controller for the first time, which will provide higher performance wireless connectivity for the device. At the same time reduce the cost of the whole machine.

For the first time, the native USB3.1 controller is built in, further enhancing system integration and reducing the manufacturing cost of the motherboard and peripheral devices. At the same time, Intel has also added the DSP module needed for speech recognition, which can provide corresponding support for many voice assistants and provide stronger speech recognition capabilities. The Proton controller is not absent, and consumers can choose the Proud + HDD solution to achieve a balance between capacity and performance.
Overall, the WHL series of processors are mainly based on the original performance optimization, while strengthening the I / O interface functions, while completing the function and performance optimization, 16 hours of nominal life time means thin and light The battery life of the product will be greatly increased to a new height in the future.

TAICENN has also released the industrial & embedded products of Intel 8th-generation Whiskey Lake platform, and has delivered now modular industrial panel PC samples.

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