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How to deal with industrial touch monitor touch failure?
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Industrial monitors are now widely used in the industrial market. The industrial touch monitor, that is the industrial monitor with touch function, is convenient for the on-site operator for touch directly, thereby performing human-machine information interaction. In general, touchscreen have four types, resistive touch, capacitive touch, infrared touch, and sound waves. In industrial applications, resistive touch and capacitive touch are very common. In the past, resistive touch are more popular in the industrial market with higher stable touch performance; In recently, Capacitive touch technology is becoming more and more mature with commercial applications, as it has become more and more popular; So multi-point capacitive touch is becoming more and more popular in the industrial market.
How to deal with industrial touch monitor touch failure?
So, if the touch function fails, what should the on-site operator or technician do? Based on years of experience, TAICENN make the following summary.

1- The touch test is good, but after connecting to the industrial computer, the touch can not be operated?
Method: For the general WINDOWS operating system, the touchscreen is generally free of drive, no need to install the driver; but for special operating systems, such as Linux systems, the touch driver must be accurate installed, and the version is preferably the latest version; In addition, for some industrial monitors that require RS232 serial communication touch, it is also a problem caused by touch drive.

2- Industrial displays do not work, no response to any part of the touch?
  • Check if the touch communication wiring is connected and if there is looseness;
  • Check the serial port and the interrupt number for conflicts. If there is a conflict, adjust the resources to avoid conflicts.
  • Check the surface of the industrial touchscreen for cracks. If there is a crack, replace the touch screen directly.
  • Look at the indicator light on the industrial monitor. If it is normal, the indicator light is green and flashes.
  • Check the surface of the touch screen for dirt. If it is, use a soft clothing to remove it.
  • If the above parts are normal, you can use the replacement method to check the touchscreen, first change the touch control board, then replace the touch screen, and finally replace the host.
3- If it takes a long time to operate, after touch?
Methods: This may be a water droplet on the touch screen. Just wipe the water droplets with a dry soft clothing; It also may be the embedded box computer is too poor and the CPU frequency is too low. In that case, the embedded computer should be replaced. 

4- After touching the industrial monitor screen with your finger, there is no response from the touch screen.
Methods: It may be that some parts of the touch screen surface are covered by foreign objects, and it can be wiped clean with a dry soft clothing; it may be that the touch screen is partially scraped off by hard objects, such damage cannot be repaired, and only the touch screen can be replaced; After the touch screen is used for a long time, the touch may be drifting, so that the touch screen manufacturer can provide newest firmware for debugging and repairing.
How to deal with industrial touch monitor touch failure?

The above several methods are for the operator to provide the simplest inspection method when the industrial touch monitor is unresponsive. If none of the above methods can solve the problem, please contact the TAICENN technical team for professional support.

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