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Whats the impact of high-low temperature on industrial touchscreen panel?
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As we all know, the complicated industrial environment has obvious compact on computer system products, such as high and low temperature, dust, wet water & droplets, oily stains, strong electromagnetic interference and other harsh application environments. Such industrial applications often have high requirements on computer hardware platform stability, low power consumption, and fanless design.
For industrial touch displays and modular designed industrial touch panel PC products, the stability of industrial touch panels under high and low temperature environments is often big concern and challenge, so what impact does wide temperature environment have on industrial touch screens? Follow us TAICENN to discover in this article.

What's the impact of high-low temperature on industrial touchscreen panel?
At this stage, the touchscreen is very hot used in industrial applications, one is a multi-point capacitive touchscreen, the other is resistive touchscreen. Both of them use frequently in industrial applications.

Capacitive touchscreen:
The capacitive touchscreen can be simply composed of a four-layer composite screen: the outermost layer is a glass protective layer, followed by a conductive layer, the third layer is a non-conductive glass screen, and the innermost fourth layer is also a conductive layer. The innermost conductive layer is a shielding layer, which acts to shield the internal electrical signal. The middle conductive layer is a key part of the entire touch screen, and there are direct leads on the four corners or four sides, which are responsible for detecting the position of the touch point.
The capacitive screen works with the current sensing of the human body. When the capacitive touchscreen is touched, due to the human body electric field, the user's finger and the working surface form a coupling capacitor. Because the high-frequency signal is connected to the working surface, the finger absorbs a small current, which is from the four corners of the screen. The current flows out of the electrode, and the current flowing through the four electrodes is theoretically proportional to the distance from the finger to the four corners. The controller calculates the position by precise calculation of the ratio of the four currents. It can achieve 99% accuracy with a response speed of less than 3ms.
In the case of low temperature, the surface of the hand finger has a low water vapor content, and the dry and cold skin has poor conductivity. At the same time, when the ambient temperature is low, the performance of the touch sensor will also be affected. The industrial touch panel cannot recognize the touch position well and cause the touch screen to malfunction. If the temperature is too high, it may affect the life of components in the capacitive touchscreen, and its long-term stability will be greatly affected.

Resistive touchscreen:
The base layer of the five-wire resistive screen is covered with a transparent conductive layer ITO which adds the voltage fields in the X and Y directions to the same layer, and the outermost layer of nickel gold conductive layer (nickel gold conductive layer: the outer layer of the five-wire resistive touch screen is electrically conductive) The layer is made of a nickel-gold coating material with good ductility. The outer conductive layer is used for the purpose of prolonging the service life because of the frequent touch. The purpose is to use it as a pure conductor. The method of detecting the X-axis and Y-axis voltage values of the contact point measures the position of the touch point. The inner layer of ITO requires four leads and one outer layer, for a total of five leads.
In general, the 5-wires resistive touchscreen is less affected. On the one hand, because of the different processes used, the micro-circuit on the touch screen is connected to the work, which is weakly affected by the temperature. On the other hand, the process level of the resistive screen is relatively mature, and the materials used are all tested and inherited. The temperature of the resistive screen is between -20 ° C and 65 ° C, which can satisfy most environments.
What's the impact of high-low temperature on industrial touchscreen panel?

TAICENN own a full range series display & touchscreen products, adopting multi-point capacitive touchscreen and high-temp. 5-wires resistive touchscreen. The whole display & touch system products strictly abides by the high and low temperature range of the specification, and provides a high stability and reliability touchscreen solution. In addition, TAICENN industrial touch monitor and modular designed industrial touch panel computer have also done a lot of verify process in the environmental compatibility, scalability and EMC compatibility...etc. TAICENN provides one-stop non-standard customized services for applications and projects.

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