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TAICENN newly released TBOX-C series IP65 waterproof and dust-proof industrial computer
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With the continuous acceleration of the process of intelligence, the application fields of industrial computers have become more and more extensive. For some special application industries, the field environment may have many fog, steam or water shower scenes. The required industrial computer must have better dust and water resistance performance, it can be IP65 or higher than IP65.

Recently, TAICENN has creatively developed IP65 waterproof and dustproof industrial computers based on one typical outdoor industry application requirements in overseas market. It not only solves the customer's application requirements for condensed water, steam, outdoor high and low temperature, but also solves our own production problems, to improve the convenience and flexibility of manufacturing.
TAICENN newly released TBOX-C series IP65 waterproof and dust-proof industrial computer
Generally speaking, the full IP waterproof computing systems, including the full IP65 waterproof industrial panel PC & industrial monitor, and industrial computer, its main difficulty lies in the sealing of the whole system. The pain point of developing and manufacturing waterproof system is not the mechanism itself, but the perfect sealing of the IO interface and IO communication. Generally, fully waterproof industrial computing products usually use full waterproof aviation connector and specially customized cables to realize the IO full IP protection treatment. There are many types of full waterproof aviation connectors, including plastic type, aluminum alloy type and M12 type, and so on. The material of the aviation connector and the ultra-small order quantity determine that the cost of the waterproof IO aviation connector and cable will greatly increase.
A full IP65 protection industrial computer is very special in the industry, so its quantity demand is usually not large. What’s worse, the full IP65 protection industrial computer requirements are very difficult to unify. Therefore, a full IP65 waterproof industrial computer can only be customized, that is, an order can be proceed by our factory after customers confirmation and orders. The special mechanism and design of the IO aviation connector are even expensive, and no many suppliers are willing to help to deliver these connectors and cables. In addition, the cost of a full IP65 system at the manufacturing end is greatly increased. Therefore, a full IP65 waterproof system will be more than 3 to 5 times more expensive than an ordinary front IP65 industrial computing system machines.

TAICENN's newly released TBOX-C series full IP65 waterproof industrial box computer adopts a unique split cable entry system module, which also provide strain protection feature. It uses overseas IP65 waterproof technology for IO interface and communication, and creatively does not need aviation connectors to solve its own R&D and manufacturing issues, while providing customers with quick and flexible IO definitions and options.

In terms of computing performance, the full IP65 industrial box computer can support Intel Celeron J1900 processor, Intel Apollo Lake processors, 6th/7th/8th generation high-performance Celeron, Core i3 / i5 / i7 processors, to achieve different computing requirements for different application requirements of applications.

On the IO interface, the TBOX-C series can optional support ethernet, USB, video, COM ports and DC power interfaces according to the actual needs of the applications. Currently, the 1st version of the design can optional support five IO interfaces, and customers can define its needed IO interface. In the future, more IO interfaces can be upgraded and optional.
TAICENN newly released TBOX-C series IP65 waterproof and dust-proof industrial computer
In terms of structure and cooling system, the TBOX-C series adopts high precision CNC treatment design, which enlarges the entire heat heat sink area and improves the cooling performance of the whole machine. At the same time, the use of split cable entry system can ensure IP65 protection and strain protection.

Main features of TBOX-C series:
1- The whole system adopts high-strength aluminum alloy material, all-aluminum CNC treatment, large area heat dissipation, and fanless design;
2- Optional processors: Intel J1900, J3455, 6th/7th/8th gen. Celeron or Core i3/i5/i7 processor;
3- Support DDR3 or DDR4 memory, mSATA or 2.5” SATA storage;
4- Wide voltage DC power input, with overcurrent, overvoltage and plarity protection;
5- Support the industrial operating temperature range -30~+70C;
6- Ultra compact design, dimension: 200 x 174 x 60 (mm);
7- Five customer-defined IO ports, optional GLAN, COM, USB, HDMI, VGA, DC.

Current status:
TBOX-C series box computers are customized products. We have several nice projects under further discussion at this moment. Currently, we are making prototypes for customers, which will be used for outdoor industrial robots in industrial projects.

Written at the end:
TAICENN is positioned as a solution provider & manufacturer of mid-to-high-end industrial computing hardware products. We are focusing on the R&D, production and customization of mid-to-high-end application products, providing customers with quick & flexbile project support for different industries.
TAICENN newly released TBOX-C series IP65 waterproof and dust-proof industrial computer

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