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What’s TPM2.0? Can’t install Windows 11 without it?
Release Time:2022/1/5 Number Of Clicks:224

The official version of Windows 11 has been released free of charge to users around the world on 5th-October. Any devices which meet the upgrade requirements will receive an upgrade notification. So, have you successfully upgraded in front of the screen?
At the time of the previous release, the "TPM2.0" item in the minimum requirements for the Win11 upgrade triggered a discussion among the majority of netizens. If the computer does not support this feature, the computer cannot be upgraded to Win11. What is going on?

1- What is TPM2.0
TPM, its full English name is called “Trusted Platform Module”, is an international standard for secure cryptographic processors. TPM uses a security-verified encryption key to bring stronger security to the devices. It is also the core of many security applications. The TPM2.0 required by the Win11 upgrade is the latest version. In reality, hardware TPM is a small chip integrated on the motherboard and can be viewed in the system.
TPM is used for key calculation and encrypted storage. Windows must use this chip to implement security features such as Windows device encryption and advanced BitLocker encryption, helping Windows more strictly protect user data. Since the TPM uses a completely dedicated circuit, the entire calculation and storage process can go through the memory and leave no traces on the hard disk. Therefore, the security of key generation, verification and storage is very high, which is similar to T-series chips used in Apple products to store encrypted data.
What’s TPM2.0?
2- Which devices support TPM2.0
In fact, there are not a few devices that support TPM. As early as the Windows 8 era, Microsoft had already made requirements for TPM chips in computers. TPM2.0 is the latest version released in 2016, which greatly increases the types and security of the module's built-in encryption algorithms. Compared with the old version, it has stronger compatibility and is more difficult to crack.
In fact, it is still early for industrial & embedded devices to install Windows 11, as there are a big quantity still using Windows 7/10. However, we know it will be a good tendency to use a latest and newest operating system for future. To some edge computing industries, we believe Win11 maybe a better option for these devices and applications. At the moment, not so many industrial & embedded motherboards have supported TPM2.0 feature. But more and more industrial & embedded computing manufacturers now have dedicated to solve this issue.
In addition, some supported motherboards may not have TPM2.0 enabled, and you need to enter the BIOS to enable it.

3- Can you bypass TPM2.0 and install Win11?
Since the release of the minimum requirements for the Win11 upgrade, there has been a steady stream of discussions surrounding TPM2.0 restrictions. Of course, many people said that this was just a bluff. After the official version is released, other methods can be used to bypass this restriction.
At present, there have been some ways to bypass TPM2.0 on the Internet, and only a script can be used to bypass the detection. But this method is only suitable for users who upgrade from Win10 to Win11. For devices that are not compatible with hardware, Microsoft said that it can be installed by itself through the official “Media Tool” tool, but Microsoft said that this installation method cannot guarantee stability, and the number of crashes is 52% higher than that of compatible devices. Microsoft will not provide follow-up updates and maintenance for these devices either.

4- Summary
In fact, TPM 2.0 is undoubtedly a huge improvement in equipment security, but people's enthusiasm for computer products has declined in recent years, and the upgrade cycle has become longer and longer. This update will undoubtedly abandon some users whose devices are too old as before, but computers have been considered "longevity" compared with products such as mobile phones. Of course, if you don't want to change the device and want to upgrade Win11, you can wait, there will definitely be some third-party methods that can bypass TPM2.0 and upgrade Win11.

To industrial & embedded applications, more and more industrial computers mainboards will fix TPM2.0 feature and install Win 11 OS. TAICENN now is delivering full range products line for industrial applications, including Industrial Box PC and industrial Panel PC. 

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