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What Is TAICENN modular 2.0 concept?
When we refer to Industrial computer system, there will be lots of different form, including small size & compact designed embedded Box computer, different dimension & mounting, touch screen Panel PC, different CPU platform handheld computer, rugged & military industrial computer…etc. However, from our discovery, they all have some general characters. We can found all of them are comprised from CPU, RAM memory, disk storage, different type serial ports, different numbers and chips Ethernet, different form factor or level USB, some specific industrial CAN Bus, Modbus, and different type wireless expansion (Wi-Fi, 3G/4G/LTE, GPS, BT), different Input & outputs, or other specific onsite requested IO ports.
Combined with different dimensions, mount methods & touch screen industrial display touch panel, it will be very easy to assemble them into a industrial Panel PC.
Why apply TAICENN modular 2.0 concept?
To an industrial computer system, main features are:
- Ruggedized;
- Industrial wide-temp.;
- Specific function and requirements;
- Long supply and stability;
- Stable & reliable quality.
In fact, to the whole industrial computer system industry, there are several points main points for us to overcome, such as below.
We found the optimized modular concept design and manufacturing can overcome the industrial computer pain points, to provice our customers quick & flexbie, reliable & stable service and support. That's why TAICENN always lead our modular concept into our design and manufacturing.
How TAICENN modular 2.0 concept?
Firstly, according to our philosophy, the industrial Box PC is composed of standard industrial motherboards, chassis, memory, storage and IO input and output ports. By optimizing the hole positions of the motherboards of different CPU platforms and rigorous thermal simulation tests, we can realize a chassis compatible with various types of industrial motherboards, and realize a multi-platform Box PC with a fixed front and rear plates change.
Secondly, we offer a full dimension 10.4" to 24.0”, totally 9 types industrial display panel with high quality capacitive and a five-wire resistive touchscreen. And we select the EETI controller as our touchscreen controller solution. The mount method supports Panel mount and VESA 75/100 mount, which also strictly meets the front panel IP65 waterproof and dustproof protection.
With the TAICENN industrial Box PC modules and industrial display panel modules, we can assemble the industrial Panel PC and computer system very flexibly and quickly. Moreover, we have rigorously tested these modular industrial Box PC modules, industrial display panel modules, and modularly assembled industrial panel PC, fully meeting the European CE standards.
In addition, TAICENN can also provide flexible, quick and excellent ODM & customized services. Under the utilizing our modular 2.0 concept, we will give priority to using our modular structure to provide quick and flexible services, solutions and products. Customers create the greatest value and experience.
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