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ODM & Customize service
TAICENN provides ODM and customize services for industrial Box computer, industrial panel PC and industrial monitor. It runs through application requirements analysis, modular design concept, rigorous product development to mass production, and long-term service to ensure product quality, reliability, long-term support and supply.
Why choose TAICENN?
TAICENN always focus on our core values and market positioning, to create “simpler” and “more secure” values for customer’s application project support. We provide excellent non-standard customize service; uses leading new technologies, different levels of customize capabilities, flexible and rapid design and manufacturing, systematic service standard; and quickly solve different unique application requirements. We insist on that failure is not a option to our products.
● Simply application assessment and prototype process;
● Flexibly and quickly meet industry applications;
● Best cost-effective solutions and products;
● Positioning to the middle & high-end level market, for high reliability;
● Rich industry experience and knowledge;
● Systematic after-sales service and support.
How does TAICENN do?
TAICENN has a team with rich experience in the industrial &embedded, automation industry and even military industry. The team members have 8 to 10 years of industry experience. We concentrated on our core values and market positioning. We are passionate about working together to share and work together for every application.
With outstanding manufacturing execution capabilities and a full-fledged R&D team, TAICENN is able to accurately design manufacturing solutions and products. Meanwhile, our R&D team is constantly paying attention to the dynamic development of the industry, providing sufficient experience and knowledge for our customized services and responding quickly.
TAICENN ODM & customize flow
Typical application
Industrial automation: Process Control, Data Acquisition Monitoring, Machine Vision, Industrial Robotics, Human Machine Interface (HMI);
Power automation: power communication gateway, substation monitoring, fault recording system, cable temperature monitoring, excitation control system;
Commercial automation: vending machines, outdoor self-service equipment, building automation, POS systems, indoor automation systems;
Machinery: CNC machine, flame cutting machines, spark machines, laser marking machines, CNC engraving machines;
Intelligent transportation: vehicle identification, electronic police, illegal capture, highway toll system, overload weighing system;
Railway: gate control, automatic ticket vending machine, fire alarm system, integrated monitoring system, screen door safety system;
Medical equipment: color B-ultrasound, electrocardiograph, CT machine, medical monitoring system, high-energy ray equipment, medical broadcast equipment;
Environmental protection and new energy: sewage treatment, water quality monitoring, atmospheric monitoring, wind power control, geothermal power generation system;
Industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing: smart factory, MES system, intelligent machinery, digital factory, flexible AGV, intelligent warehouse, intelligent logistics.

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