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The difference between M.2 (SATA) and M.2 (NVME)    2022/5/18
TAICENN is now delivering TPC-DCS/DRS, TPC-PCS/PRS series Panel PC and TBOX-28X5 Box PC with M.2 NVME storage technology……
The comparison between Whiskey Lake & Amber Lake    2020/2/8
Intel announced this morning that it will update its 8th-generation Core CPU lineup. So, the two 14nm families codenamed Whiskey Lake and Amber Lake were officially included.……
Whats the difference between 304 and 316 stainless steel material?    2020/1/2
Which 304 or 316 stainless steel suitable for Industrial computing system?……
Whats the impact of high-low temperature on industrial touchscreen panel?    2019/11/11
For industrial touch displays and modular designed industrial touch panel PC products, the stability of industrial touch panels under high and low temperature environments is often big concern and challenge.……
How to deal with industrial touch monitor touch failure?    2019/11/2
The industrial touch monitor, that is the industrial monitor with touch function, is convenient for the on-site operator for touch directly, thereby performing human-machine information interaction.……
How to choose a suitable mainboard for an industrial box computer?    2019/11/1
TAICENN industrial box computer and industrial Panel PC products are very mature and confident during the selection of motherboards.……
Intel 8th generation Whiskey lake highlights analysis    2019/10/30
At this stage, there are more and more industrial computers equipped with Intels 8th generation Whiskey Lake platform processor.……
Where is the embedded computer stronger than the regular industrial computer?    2019/10/7
The embedded computer is a compact computer that is specially designed for industrial applications. It is a reinforced and enhanced industrial computer that can operate as an industrial controller system in the industry.……
Industrial panel PC "dead" reasons and solutions    2019/9/29
As a type of electronic product, industrial panel PC will inevitably have some failures. When industrial panel PCs are "dead", how can we solve it? In order to solve the problem better, we must first find out the cause of the problem.……
What are the new trends in industrial panel PC with the latest technology develo...    2019/9/29
As an important part of industrial automation applications, and what new trends will be driven to Industrial panel PCs with these new technologies.……
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