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The Application Penetration Rate of Industrial Internet Platforms Has Increased 2022/10/31
Industrial Internet is a result of the integration of global industrial systems with advanced computing, analysis, sensing technology, and Internet connectivity. The essence of the industrial Internet is to connect and integral equipment, production lines, factories, su...
What is underpinning Smart Manufacturing? 2022/9/21
The core role of the support system is to ensure the efficience and stable operation of the manufacturing system. The main support system of intelligent manufacturing includes network communication, data management, information security, etc....
Industrial Internet Helps The Dual-carbon Digital Transformation 2022/9/13
In the dual-carbon era, the operation logic of enterprises has changed significantly. The enterprise itself must be a successful practitioner , it is not only about the landing solutions, a wide ecosystem, but also a strong innovation ability to drive the common progres...
The PMI fell to 49% in July, and demand for industrial automation bucked the tre... 2022/8/12
According to the Service Industry Survey Center of the National Bureau of Statistics and the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing on July 31, Chinas manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) fell 1.2% from the previous month; the non-manufacturing business a...
The Dilemma And Inflection Point of Industrial Internet 2022/7/8
Did the development of the industrial Internet have reached an inflection point?...
How to deeply implement the "5G + industrial Internet"? 2022/6/22
As the main part of 5G business, 2B has played an important role in many industries, creating lots of typical application scenarios with commercial value....
What Kind of Industrial Network do Smart Factories Need? 2022/5/26
Under the background of the highly integrated industry development of various new technologies, the industrial control machine is at a new technology turning point....
Industrial Metaverse: Future Manufacturing 2022/5/12
Industrial metaverse is metaverse related technology application in the field of industry, the real industrial environment research and development design, manufacturing, marketing, sales...
From Industry 3.0 to Industry 4.0, Where Will PLC Go? 2022/5/9
The next generation of PLC architecture will be more open, distributed, with sufficient interoperability and the direction of internal information security....
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