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    ● High-quality stainless-steel punching keyboards, with touchpad, IP65;
    ● High temperature resistance, code resistance, radiation resistance;
    ● Water-proof, dust-proof, explosion-proof, rust-proof design;
    ● Industrial wide operating temperature -40 ~ + 70C;
    ● Laser engraving finished keys, anti-shedding;
    ● Applications: automatic terminal, automation, UAV platform, Instrumentation, Medical;
    ● Support OEM and customize service.

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    TAICENN accessories TAD-8635 series industrial keyboards with touchpad integrated, which are made of high quality stainless steel punching materials. It can provide high temperature resistance, cold resistance, radiation resistance, waterproof, dust-proof, explosion-proof and rust-proof performance. It can work stably at a wide temperature of -40~+70C, and the press key button are laser engraved ,will never fall off. It has been widely used in many industrial machinery applications.

    We are happy to provide all needed solution & products for our customers.

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