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TAICENN Box Computer helps to open up a new trend of Smart Breeding
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For farming, if you just raise a few chickens and ducks, or just raise a pig to achieve food self-sufficiency, there is no need for intelligent farming, the traditional routine is enough. But if you scale breeding, you might need intelligent breeding model. Nowadays, in the large-scale breeding farms or enterprises, intelligent breeding has become a trend.

Intelligent Livestock and Poultry Breeding:
Livestock and poultry intelligent breeding system, need to carry out a variety of monitoring, controlling and other tasks, and also in the continuous operation state of 24 * 7, which requires our livestock and poultry breeding intelligent management system should be equipped with a more reliable and intelligent control hardware.

The system is the use of the Internet of things technology, through sensors, electronic ear tags, collar and other equipment, around the facilities of livestock and poultry farms production and management, real-time online collection farm environmental information (CO2, NH3, H2S, temperature, humidity, dust, light, etc.). At the same time integrating transformation of existing farm environmental control equipment, feeding control equipment, etc.

Breeding managers can work through farm monitoring center, or through mobile phone, computer and other intelligent terminal. Therefore real-time farm environment information and individual signs, and monitoring results, automatic or remote control equipment can realize intelligent production and scientific management of livestock and poultry farms, finally to achieve the goal of healthy breeding.Industrial box computer, with its excellent quality and unique advantages, has become the first choice of livestock and poultry breeding intelligent management system for controlling hardware products.

TAICENN TBOX-2 Series--Rich IOs Configuration:

TBOX-2 series offer Intel mobile processors with Baytrail Celeron, Apollo lake, 6th & 7th gen. Core i3/i5/i7 processors. The Box PC is designed with a rich vertical IOs, including 2* Intel GLAN, 6* USB3.0/2.0, 6* COM, 1* HDMI and 1* VGA; It supports 3G/4G/LTE, Wi-Fi/BT expansion, or industrial modules such as CAN-BUS/ProfiNet card via full-size Mini-PCIe slots.


● Rugged & compact, fanless designed box structure;

● On-board Intel Whiskey Lake 8th Core i5-8265U Quad-core processor;

● Single DDR4 memory, up to 16GB, 1* M.2 and 1* 2.5” SATA storage;

● DC 12V input, optional wide voltage DC 9~36V input;
● 2 GLAN, Dual wireless expansion 4G/5G, WIFI/BT support;

● 6 USB (4 USB3.0), 6 COM (optional GPIO), 2 HDMI;

● Industrial -20 ~ + 60℃ operating range, optional -40~+80 ℃.


Due to the support from high quality and high reliable industrial computer hardware, the intelligent management system of livestock and poultry breeding has following advantages:
1.It can accurately detect various environmental indicators.
2.Using the Internet of Things technology cand wireless communication devices, users can achieve remotely monitoring.
3.Automatic control, automatic control ventilator, lighting device, regular automatic feeding, water feeding, greatly cut down the labor cost.
4.Self-alarm device, to avoid the situation that an environmental index does not meet the standard or exceed the standard of the automatic alarm.
5.Human-machine interface, easy to understand, easy to operate.

Written at the end:
Intelligent breeding has lead a new trend of breeding, and improved the level of automation, intelligence and technology of breeding, not only improves the efficiency, but also creates more considerable benefits. TAICENN industrial controlling system provides the embedded hardware support for the intelligent breeding system with a high-quality and reliable embedded industrial control machine.

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