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Application of Touch Panel PC in Self-Service Government Affairs Integrated Machine
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With the rapid development of the new generation of information technology, Many Countries have begun to accelerate the integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies and government services, and smart government affairs have emerged at the historic moment. The self-service government affairs integrated machine has also ushered in a golden period of development.

The promotion and popularization of the self-service government affairs integrated machine:

Looking back on the past, to handle all kinds of government services, citizens need to go to the service Windows of various departments to deal with them by labor. Due to the complicated handling process, the low efficiency of human service, and the easy to occur the wrong operation, citizens may take several weeks or even months to handle affairs, which results in big waste of humanmaterial resources and financial resources.

At present, the self-service government affairs integrated machine has been widely used in Chinese government affairs hall, tax bureau, industrial and commercial bureau and other important government affairs places. By integrating data resources, the application of a variety of intelligent function module such as embedded face recognition module, OCR recognition module, fingerprint recognition module, collocation function high integrated computer control platform and industrial high performance LCD screen, etc., help to interconnect with e-government system to provide administrative examination and approval items declaration, electronic upload, material progress query, proof material printing and other business related services.

TAICENN Solutions:

TAICENN's embedded industrial computer series for the field of artificial intelligence can fully meet the application needs of the self-service government affairs, as all-in-one machine platform.

Among them TPC-PC215C1 uses full-sealed box construction, and it can prevent dust from entering the device system. It is compatible with Win7, Win8, Win embedded, Win10, Linux OS, and also has a good compatibility with customized applications and software programs.

● Magnesium aluminum panel, sheet-metal box structure;

● Widescreen 21.5" TFT LCD, LED backlit, full HD 1920*1080;

● Intel Baytrail Celeron J1900 2.0Ghz Quad-core low power processor;

● True flat design, front IP65 rated protection;

● Panel mount, (VESA 75/100 mount optional with a VESA Bracket);

● Wide voltage DC 9~24V range power input;

● 2*Intel GLAN, 6*RS232 (Optional 1*RS485), 5*USB (1*USB3.0);

● Expansional with 3G/4G/LTE, Wi-Fi/BT wireless;

● I/O: 5x USB, 2x GLAN, 6x COM, 1x HDMI, 1x VGA, Audio.

In addition, TAICENN can also provide customization as per requirements from all-in-one government affairs application, including adding hardware, increasing interfaces, customized various appearance structures and screen size according to customers’ need, to meet the practical application demands.

In the end:

Functional applications such as intelligent identification, human-computer interaction and real-time data sharing help the self-service government affairs all-in-one machine liberate a large number of human resources and promote the update of government affairs work. However, these applications mean also higher requirements on the I / O expansion capability, network performance and reliability of the application control platform (computers).


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