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TAICENN Helps Boost Driverless Harvesters: A New Exploration in Agriculture
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In the previous autumn harvest season, we can often saw farmers struggling to cut the rice at the rice fields. Nowadays, there are fewer and fewer such scenarios in China, where unmanned rice harvesters have participated in agricultural production. Driverless harvesters, tractors are busy day and night, and automatic obstacle avoidance function... After the remote command was issued, the 5G unmanned harvester quickly entered the golden rice field, automatically planning, turning, advancing and retreating freely, and working accurately in the rice waves, and skillfully completed the harvest operation of one rice field after another. Through the 5G network, the on-site harvesting high-definition video can be smoothly transmitted to the remote control center of the urban and rural intelligent management platform in real time.

How does driverless driving happen?

In the cab of the unmanned harvester is equipped with a touch LCD screen, including farm machinery operations and the plot environment. After the parameters such as cutting amplitude and tillage area are set before operation, the navigation system will guide the agricultural machinery into the automatic operation mode. After the user presses the remote control to start the switch, the harvester will be automatically operate according to the pre-set operation mode and operation track, with the spacing error not more than 4 cm. Compared to traditional harvesters, unmanned harvesters are equipped with two mushroom-like satellite receiving antennas on the top, which receive the signal and can drive themselves through the navigation system.

At the same time, the crop yield and humidity information can be collected automatically, and through collecting the yield information of each land, a harvest area yield distribution map and crop humidity display map can be generated in real time. Through this picture, farmers can understand the situation of harvesting land and make targeted water and fertilizer management measures.

What help does intelligent agricultural machinery offer to agricultural development?
1.Combined with 5G network intelligent agricultural machinery can get rid of too much dependence on people, and easily realize the remote control and management of one person to multiple machines. Relying on the large bandwidth of 5G, the agricultural machinery will realize an all-round, high-speed exploration of the surrounding environment;
2. Through the low delay of 5G, the safety and operability of intelligent agricultural machinery will be improved, and more accurate positioning and planning services will be realized;
3.With the large connection of 5G, it will gradually realize the efficient operation, management and control and scheduling of all the nano-network agricultural machinery in the whole region.

At the same time, the intelligent agricultural machinery using new energy power can collect and analyze the production data in real time in the operation process. Combined with artificial intelligence technology, it will boost the precise operation in agricultural production, thus greatly improving the agricultural production efficiency and protecting the agricultural ecological environment.

TAICENN Solution:
TAICENN TPC-DCM104C1 series is a low power-consumption, Fan-less designed, enhanced stability and reliability industrial 10.4-inch Touch Panel PC product. It adapts Intel Baytrail J1900 Quad-core 2.0Ghz processor. TPC-DCM104C1 series storage can support 1x mSATA interface SSD. 

● Magnesium aluminum panel, sheet-metal box structure;
● 10.4" TFT LCD, LED backlit, resolution 1024*768;
● Intel Baytrail J1900 2.0Ghz, burst to 2.4Ghz processors;
● Multi-points projective capacitive touch, EETI controller;
● Fanless & slim design, front IP65 rated protection;
● Panel mount, support VESA 75/100 mount;
● Wide voltage DC 9~24V range power input;
● 2*Intel GLAN, 1*RS232 (Optional RS485), 4*USB (1*USB3.0), 1*HDMI;
● Expansional with 3G/4G/LTE, Wi-Fi/BT wireless;

● I/O: 4x USB, 2x GLAN, 1x COM, 1x HDMI, Audio.

At last:

These unmanned agricultural machinery combined with the specific situation of domestic agricultural production, the global satellite positioning, GPS automatic navigation, electronic hydraulic automatic steering, header automatic control, operation machine automatic lift, throttle automatic regulation and emergency remote control automation function, realize the harvester and tractor automatic control precision sowing, fertilization, ridge, not only realizes the agricultural machinery operation unmanned, precision, also greatly improve the standardization of agricultural machinery operation.

With TAICENN’s customization capability and product longevity support, we are committed to help the agriculture enter a new stage.

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