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TAICENN TBOX-2E15 Enabling Autonomous Driving Mining Vehicles
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In recent years, unmanned self-driving vehicle technology has been booming due to the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence. In addition to being widely used in commercial fields, it has also been successively promoted in specific fields, such as mining, agriculture, military industry and so on. Among them, the harsh environment and highly dangerous mining industry has accelerated the process of mining automation with the mature technology of Industry 4.0. According to Research and Markets, the global mining equipment market is expected to grow to $125.7 billion by 2025, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5% from 2021 to 2025. This shows that self-driving mining vehicles are the future path for mining companies.

For mining companies, the introduction of digital and intelligent self-driving mining vehicles can truly improve productivity. Self-driving mining vehicles can operate 24 / 7 continuously, without shift change or rest. The walking route drawn according to the regulations can effectively reduce the transportation waste of fuel oil or human loss. With the improvement of mobile vehicle wireless interconnection technology, networked fleet management systems can improve productivity and management efficiency, and achieve operational goals such as improved safety improvement, cost reduction, and data analysis.

Our customer is an equipment manufacturer that specially designs and manufactures driverless tool vehicles for mining industry and agriculture, and enjoys a certain visibility and rich experience in the industry. They use the TAICENN TBOX-2E15 embedded computer as the control core of self-driving mining vehicles. The TBOX-2E15 can collect and process sensor data. In addition to continuous tasks on the site, the vehicle status and health status can also be transmitted back to the control center for remote monitoring.

Customer requirements:

1.Low power consumption and power protection:

Installed in autonomous mining car embedded computer generally powered by car battery, also need to work with other electronic device stable operation, so the computer need to have low power consumption, wide power input, power protection from the vehicle start instant high voltage burst wave damage, or interfere with the operation of other electrical system.

2.Enrich connectivity and network connectivity:

Embedded computer is the heart of self-driving mining vehicles, which is responsible for collecting and processing data from sensors, such as input from optical reach, radar, lens, and GPS, as well as navigation, vehicle control, and fault diagnosis of mining vehicles. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the relevant data is transmitted through 4G to the cloud control center to return the vehicle health indicators to achieve remote fleet management, predictive maintenance, and remote diagnosis.

3.Reliability of the edge operations:

Countries in temperate regions fall to tens of degrees below zero in winter, while there are heat waves approaching 40 C in summer. In addition to the harsh weather environment, running on the rugged road surface of the mine requires a strong hardware architecture, allowing for safe, stable and efficient operation in a dangerous environment.

Why choose TAICENN?

TBOX-2E15 was developed to thrive at the edge, and makes a perfect addition to our modular Industrial Box PC Series. Powered by the Quad-Core Intel Elkhart Lake J6412 processor, which delivers super high performance cost ratio for industrial applications, TBOX-2E15 offers a unique combination of features, long supply, power and connectivity, making it an ideal Industrial IoT controller, embedded systems or automation controller. 

● Rugged & compact, fanless designed box structure;
● On-board Intel Elkhart Lake J6412 Quad-core processor;
● 1* DDR4 memory, max. up to 32GB, 
● 1* M.2 2280(NGFF) Key-M slot (PCIe x2 NVME) SSD;
● Optional wide voltage DC 9~36V input;
● 2 GLAN, dual wireless expansion 4G/5G, WIFI/BT support;
● 8 USB (3 USB3.0), 6 COM, GPIO (Optional), 2 HDMI, Audio;

● Industrial -20 ~ + 70℃ operating temp. range

TAICENN TBOX-2E15 also supports TPM2.0, and can be compatible with Windows10, Windows11, Linux Operating system and embedded Operating system. It also integrates 1x Mini-PCIe and 1x M.2 key slots for dual wireless expansion, for 4G/5G, and WIFI/BT support.

At last:

Mine autonomous driving can not only reduce the number of on-site workers and improve personnel safety, but also reduce operating costs and improve transportation efficiency. With the in-depth advancement of mine intelligence, unmanned driving will be an important scenario to help with the high-quality development of the industry. In the process of major open-pit mines promoting the construction of unmanned mines in accordance with national and local standards, autonomous driving will further achieve mature landing in mine closure scenarios.

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