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TAICENN 21.5” Industrial Pcap. Touch Panel PC for UV Curing Restoration Equipment application
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With the continuous development of the economy, the process of urbanization is accelerating. The demand for urban gas, water and electricity is also increasing. The scale of newly added water supply pipelines, natural gas pipelines, heating pipelines, drainage pipelines, and cable pipelines is expanding day by day. Urban underground integrated pipelines are the lifeline of smart city construction, and also are the basic guarantee for urban production and life.
However, with the continuous development of urban construction, the underground space is increasingly tense, the pipeline units are scattered, the laying is chaotic, and road construction is repeated, which seriously affects the quality of life and efficiency of residents. The comprehensive management of underground pipelines can not only save land, but also ensure the safety of pipelines, and realize the intensive utilization of urban underground space. In the process of comprehensive overall management, not only unified planning, unified design, unified construction, and unified management should be implemented, but also repair and maintenance needs should be considered. Finally, operation safety of pipelines should be solved in a timely and optimal manner, so as to provide convenience for urban residents.
Project Description: 
This project is to provide a kind of curing restoration equipment for the maintenance and maintenance of urban underground pipelines. On the basis of "no digging" the road surface, it uses advanced technology and artificial intelligence technology, and is equipped with various sensors and alarm monitoring systems to monitoring the status of equipment in real time. It can realize remote diagnosis and maintenance of data in the pipeline, as well as data storage for construction curing and repairing, to meet various construction scenarios of users.
As the brain of the whole curing restoration equipment, the control cabinet is equipped with a 21.5-inch industrial-grade touch Panel PC and a professional application system to visually record and store curing information and camera images and videos. At the same time, it implements various parameters, and finally complete the repair and maintenance of underground pipelines on site.

What TAICENN do?
According to the site environment, those UV Curing restoration equipments will be integrated in different types vehicles to meet different level construction scenarios. Most of them are on outdoor road scenarios. After our detailed consultant with customer, TAICENN offer a 21.5” Full HD 1920*1080 high computing Pcap. touch Panel PC TPC-DCM215W2WL model for their control cabinet. 
It adapts with Intel 8th Gen. Whiskey Lake Core i5-8265U Quad-core processor, having advanced computing performance and low power feature. This model Panel PC support wide voltage DC 9~36V power input, with over-current, over-voltage and polarity protection feature, can be an ideal power solution for vehicle situation. We do high brightness 1000 nits with auto-dimming technology and optical bonding technology on this industrial Panel PC, to meet its outdoor sun-readable environment. Its abundant IO connections are enough for other sensors devices connection, together with 1* Mini-PCIe card for customer’s data acquisition card.

Product Images for reference:

Product features:
● Magnesium aluminum panel, sheet-metal box structure;
● Widescreen 21.5" TFT LCD, LED backlit, resolution 1920*1080;
● High brightness 1000 nits, with auto-dimming technology, optical bonding treated;
● Intel Whisky Lake 8th-gen. Core i5-8265U Quad-core processors; 
● Multi-points projective capacitive touch, EETI controller;
● Fanless & slim design, front IP65 rated protection;
● Panel mount, support VESA 75/100 mount; 
● Wide voltage DC 9~36V input, with over-current, over-voltage protection; 
● 2*Intel GLAN, 2*RS232 (Optional 1*RS485), 4*USB3.0, 2*USB2.0; 
● 1* Mini-PCIe slot for data acquisition card; 
● I/O: 6x USB, 2x GLAN, 2x COM, 1x HDMI, Audio.

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