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Industrial fanless computer used in building automation system application
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Building Automation System (BAS), is a system for automatic monitoring, automatic control, automatic adjustment and automatic management of building electromechanical systems. Through the building automation system, people can realize the secured, efficient, reliable and energy-saving operation of the building electromechanical system, and the scientific management of the building. Building automation system uses computer distributed control, to centrally manage industrial control of the building. Building automation includes: air conditioning and ventilation monitoring system, water supply and drainage monitoring system, lighting monitoring system, power supply monitoring system, elevator operation monitoring system, integrated security system, fire monitoring system and structured integrated wiring system.

We can foresee: the future of building automation can go deep into the attributes of smart & intelligence, to let automation enhance "wisdom", then to let the wisdom process automatically. Finally, it provides the basis for the development of intelligent neighborhoods and intelligent cities.

Application requirement:
When modern building system technology and interconnection & communication are realized, it also means extra comfort, cost advantage, safety and energy efficiency of human-being life. The standard KNX is the only recognized building system standard in the world. It is definitely future-oriented and can adapt to new demands at any time.
TAICENN cooperates with a local partner in Europe to provide industrial & embedded computer solution & product for a building automation company, which is a top three in the European building automation building automation & smart home market. According to the actual application requirements, the industrial fanless computer work as a virtual server, and pre-installed with industry system software. Through the KNX technology, industrial networking and centralized control technology, all house functions and numerous multimedia functions is able to achieve the visualization of smart home.

Product requirement:
Smart home application is a very hot direction of building automation system. According to the application demands, we provide an ultra compact industrial fanless computer for control system. And it operates as a super server for a smart home application. This application has requirements on the data computing capabilities of the industrial control computer, compact dimension, ultra low power consumption feature, fanless design, mount methods and application environment:
 A new generation of high computing Celeron low power processors;
 Long-term supply and alternative product support in future;
 Ultra-compact dimension requirements, for on-site Din-rail installation;
 Fanless design, low power consumption, meet industrial environment;
 stable dual Ethernet design and other rich I/O interfaces;
TAICENN solution & product: 
After discussion on application requirement & project, TAICENN supplied a TBOX-1410 standard product as a first sample for testing. TBOX-1410 system is using high computing low power Intel Apollo lake platform Quad-core four threads J3455 1.5Ghz processor, burst to 2.3Ghz, providing capable computing ability; Low power consumption feature of the system, 10w on operate, 6w standby; a big area positive cooling system, fan-less designed, support operate temp. -20 ~ +60C range; Ultra small dimension, just similar as palm of an adult, support on-site Din rail mount; Dual Ethernet ports, for 1* Static IP and 1* DHCP. By using KNX standard and technology, TBOX-1410 is able to connect with other systems which applies KNX standard.
Product features:
 Intel Quad-core four threads J3455 processor, 1.5Ghz, burst to 2.3Ghz;
 Ultra compact size, 168 * 106 * 40mm;
 DDR3L memory, max. support 8GB, 1* mSATA storage;
 High strength aluminum box structure, anodized treatment and sanding paint, solid body and anti-shock;
 Dual GLAN (Intel I211AT), 4* USB3.0, optional with Wi-Fi/BT, 3G/4G/LTE expansion;
 Wall mount, support Din-rail mount;
 DC 12v power input, can connect field power, stable power supply.

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