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Industrial Panel PC used in machinery automation applications
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CNC machine tools are a large application market to industrial computer products. The control solutions used in a wide variety of CNC machine tools are not the same, but the principle is the same. Most of them are composed of upper computer and lower computer, to be a product form of traditional CNC machine tools.

The upper computer of the traditional CNC machine tool generally adopts industrial panel pc system, and the PLC control module of the lower position machine connects the industrial panel pc through the cable to realize data transmission and command control. The main advantage of this solution lies in the separation of hardware of different functional modules. The professional hardware is used to process special calculations and controls, achieving high stability. The shortcomings are also particularly obvious. The cost of the whole system is high, and there are many types of hardware, which is not conducive to cost control and later maintenance.

At present, with the development of software technology, more and more software PLC modules have been successfully applied to the CNC machine tool industry, achieving high stability operation and effective cost control. The high-performance, high-stability industrial panel pc is used as a platform, equipped with a professional software PLC module, which can realize the traditional hard and hard product form, and is a development mode of CNC machine tool industry control.
At present, most of the domestic machine tool monitoring systems are dedicated systems, and their openness is poor, which can no longer meet the development needs of today's manufacturing industry, and is a typical “automation island” in the factory. The development of computer software technology and industrial control network technology has made it possible to interconnect factory automation equipment. As the bridge and link between the “horizontal” and “vertical” integration of automation systems, the configuration software has been widely used in various fields of industrial automation. The configuration monitoring technology provides a basic platform for implementing data acquisition, process monitoring, and production control. It forms a complex application system with detection components and control components, and saves energy, improves measurement accuracy, improves product quality, and accurately transmits production information between departments. The core role of the company is to help enterprises eliminate information islands, reduce operating costs, increase production efficiency, and speed up market response. CNC machine tools represent advanced manufacturing and high-end manufacturing, and are one of the key high-end manufacturing directions in China. However, any advanced manufacturing is based on the program, and our CNC machine tools are no exception. They use PLC+ industrial tablet as the control center to realize the automatic control task of process operation.

Application requirements analysis:
The CNC machine control system is mainly composed of numerical control device (CNC), servo system (including feed servo and spindle servo), machine tool strong electric control system (including programmable control system and relay contactor control system), among which CNC refers to Program control system for CNC machine tools. A program having a control code or other symbol command specification can be logically processed and decoded by a computer to cause the machine tool to perform a prescribed action. For the CNC, the industrial Panel pc control mode is now widely used, because the industrial panel pc integrates the display, touch and control integrated multi-function components, and its own USB and COM port communication mode can realize quick docking integration with other devices. , including PLC, robot, CCD camera, ball head and so on.

TAICENN solution & products:
Take our 15-inch industrial Panel pc as an example. Our TPC-PC series products have rich I/O ports, which can meet the complex multi-connector system interface requirements and apply more scenarios and requirements. We can provide industrial tablet PCs with different processor platforms, different sizes, different hardware interface configurations and different protection levels. Our installation methods are also diverse, which can meet the requirements of integration, integration and intensification of CNC machine tools.
Product Features:
 Intel high-performance low-power Celeron quad-core processor J1900 (optional Core I3/I5/I7);
 15.0 inch, 1024*768, multi-point projection capacitive touch, up to 10 points;
 Compact design, fanless design, large area aluminum fin cooling system;
 Rich IO interface: dual network, 5 USB ports, 6 serial ports, 1 HDMI, 1 VGA port;

 LCD screen, wide temperature environment supports -20~+70C working range.

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