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Industrial Panel PC used in light gauge steel framing equipment
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Light gauge steel frame is a new and power system, which is widely used in agriculture, business building like office, villa, warehouse, stadium, tourist architecture, multiple story and lower story residential buildings. It can still be used in adding floors, retrofitting and strengthening old buildings, especially in region lack of building materials or inconvenience for transportation, tight schedule and demolition buildings.
Developed countries are rapidly applying non-residential buildings and are expanding into multi-story residential buildings. Non-residential buildings are mainly light gauge steel structures with less than 4 floors. The span is generally more than 20 meters. It is commonly used in the construction of large-span light industry, electronics, warehouses, processing, etc. It is also used in daily supermarkets and temporary usage rooms, hangars, etc. Light gauge steel structure residential buildings are generally used for high-rise floors (4-6 layers) and high floors below 24m (7-9 floors). The light steel structure can also be used for higher floors by adding energy-dissipating components such as energy-consuming supports. 
Application requirements:
When we build light gauge steel frame system, we need to use a kind of equipment, which we called cold roll forming. It is to install a plurality of sets of (upper & lower) roll-shaped forming dies in a certain order, and the corresponding metal coils are passed through a specific contour roll mold in a continuous manner to be rolled to conform to the design shape. A flexible processing process, cold forming is also called roll forming, and it is the most eco-friendly, energy-saving, safe and efficient sheet metal processing technology.
The equipment adopts industrial panel computer for automatic control, having the advantage of wide usage, saving materials and high-level automation, so as to provide a flexible and convenient human-machine interface for operator.
TAICENN solution & products:
TAICENN delivered our industrial panel pc TPC-DRM156A1 model for this light gauge steel framing equipment, adapts with Intel Apollo lake J3455 quad-core 1.5Ghz, burst to 2.3Ghz processor; integrated widescreen 15.6-inch 1366*768 resolution LCD display, and high precision 5-wires resistive touch screen, which has better sensitivity, nice anti-interference, higher reliability and long supply period time; has the advantage of not being afraid of dust, oil and electromagnetic interference.
Designed with enough IO interfaces, 2*GLAN, 4*USB3.0, 2*COM ports for communication, together with excellent EETI touch algorithm controller, the TPC-DRM156A1 is specially treated with PET film laminated for true flat resistive screen design. With the front IP65 rated protection, it is very suitable for all kinds of industrial fields applications scenarios.
TPC-DRM156A1 features:
● Magnesium aluminum panel, sheet-metal box structure;
● 15.6" TFT LCD, LED backlit, resolution 1366*768;
● Intel Apollo lake Quad-core J3455, 1.5Ghz, burst to 2.3Ghz processor; 
● True flat design, front IP65 rated protection;
● Panel mount, support VESA 75/100 mount; 
● DC 12V input, with over-current, over-voltage protection; 
● 2*Intel GLAN, 2*RS232 (Optional 1*RS4854, 6*USB3.0, 1*HDMI; 
● Expansional with 3G/4G/LTE, Wi-Fi/BT wireless; 
● I/O: 4x USB, 2x GLAN, 2x COM, 1x HDMI, Audio.

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