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TAICENN BOX PC Assisted Flight Simulator Improving Simulation Immersion
Release Time:2023/3/24 Number Of Clicks:399

Can the flight simulator used in the training of civil aviation pilots fully simulate the real flight situation (including normal and abnormal conditions)?

With a fault or abnormality in the simulator, is the behavior of the simulated aircraft and the response to the pilot operation the same as the real flight?

If the pilot successfully handles the anomaly in the simulator, is it work to do the same in the same situation in actual flight?

The role of engineering simulator in aircraft design and manufacturing, engineering development, maintenance and other fields has been widely recognized by the industry. Compared with the training simulator, the engineering simulator requires higher versatility, more flexible functional architecture, more powerful computing performance, and richer data recording and analysis function.

Customers’ Requirements(VOC):

The customer is a high-tech enterprise that provides software and technical services, flight and maintenance simulator, system simulation platform, virtual training system and other high-tech products, and independently develops and produces flight simulator and virtual simulation hardware and software products. Its products are used in the fully functional flight training link of the pilots of the major airlines.

Customers need industrial computers to carry the operating system and support the data operation of the flight simulator, and also require high resolution picture display to achieve simulation training simulation effect.

TAICENN’s Solution:

TAICENN TBOX-2T05 Rugged Box PC is powered by the Intel 11th Gen. Tiger Lake UP3 Celeron 6305E dual core processor, which have super high cost-performance for industrial automation applications. Its advanced industrial design including a DC terminal with a 12V (optional wide DC 9~36V range) power input. 

The TBOX-2T05 industrial Box PC is designed with rich I/O interfaces that includes 6x USB 3.0 & 2x USB 2.0 ports, 6x DB9 RS232(optional 1x RS485), optionally 1x GPIO (8-ch), 2x HDMI, 2x GbE LAN ports, Audio port. The fanless Box PC provides flexible wireless expansion via 2* M.2 key slots for dual wireless expansion, for 4G/5G, and WIFI/BT support.

● Rugged & compact, fanless designed box structure;
● On-board Intel Tiger Lake UP3 Celeron 6305E Dual-core processor;
● 1* DDR4 memory, single slot, max. up to 32GB, 
● 1* M.2 2280(NGFF) Key-M slot (PCIe x4 NVME) SSD;
● DC 12V input, optional wide voltage DC 9~36V input;
● 2 GLAN, optional 2 wireless expansion 4G/5G, WIFI/BT support;
● 8 USB (6 USB3.0), 6 COM, GPIO (Optional), 2 HDMI, Audio;

● Industrial -20 ~ + 70℃ operating range, optional -40~+80 ℃.

To conclude:

A flight simulator is a large ground simulation equipment that simulates the movement of an aircraft in the air and on the ground. A perfect flight simulator is equivalent to a "ground flying plane", it can put the pilot in the air when the real aircraft see, hear, smell, touch the aircraft attitude, aircraft movement, instrument hint, environmental changes, surrounding sound and itself physiological reaction vividly reflect to the pilot, thus simulated flight-machine system characteristics, get the actual effect of flight or training flight.

The flight simulator motion control software is the control system of the movement platform to realize the real-time control of the platform movement. It is of great significance to study the corresponding theory and practice of motion control software to make a flight simulator with more realistic and dynamic effect.

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