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Full IP65/66 stainless steel Panel PC used in pharmaceutical factory
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The population of wealthy Western countries is tending to old age, which injects momentum into the demand for high-tech medicines and is driving the pharmaceutical industry into a long period of prosperity. According to a foreign report, the global pharmaceutical market sales will more than double to 1.3 trillion US dollars by 2020. In the past two years, the Netherlands, Hungary, Denmark and France have announced the construction of more pharmaceutical factories, and Dubai, Egypt and Ethiopia are also building pharmaceutical factories.

With the sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic in early 2020, the construction of anti-epidemic substance factories and the construction of vaccine pharmaceutical factories have become welcomed, and have become the national security strategic goals in various countries. For modern medium and large-scale pharmaceutical factories, in order to save costs and enhance their core competitiveness, the popularization of high technology and automation technology has become increasingly important. Medical pharmaceutical plants have high cleanliness requirements and often need to be washed with water, so the use of stainless-steel equipment and materials can better adapt to complex and changeable environments, and has high efficiency of corrosion resistance. For production processes and equipment construction, it is very important to build a production line with informatization.

Full IP65/66 stainless steel Panel PC used in pharmaceutical factory

GMP is the abbreviation of good manufacture practice for Drugs, the purpose of the implementation is to deliver better quality drugs for users. This is not only through the final inspection to achieve the goal, but in the entire process of drug production must implement scientific overall management and strict monitoring to achieve the desired quality of the drug. GMP covers a very wide range, including plant and facilities, and pharmaceutical equipment.

Application requirements:
In recent years, due to the occurrence of important pollution accidents, people have paid more and more attention to the cleaning work of pharmaceutical factories and equipment. Pharmaceutical factories have strict specifications for equipment and processes in aseptic, purification, sterilization, cleaning, etc., and daily equipment cleaning is very important. In general, there are many methods for removing residues on the surface of the equipment, and its mechanism of action includes mechanical action, dissolution, decontamination and chemical reaction. Among them, the most common is the mechanical action, that is, the use of mechanical force to remove the surface residues of the equipment, including brushing, washing and water washing; sometimes even use high-pressure water jet to spray the equipment surface, this cleaning effect is better. Of course, other cleaning methods for dissolving and detergent chemical reactions are also very important for the cleaning work of specific areas.
For pharmaceutical automation, the daily cleaning of automation equipment and technology equipment is extremely important. At its most basic, the requirement is the waterproofing of stainless-steel materials and equipment, which is convenient for daily scrubbing and water flushing.

TAICENN solutions and products:
As a solution provider and manufacturer of industrial computing hardware, TAICENN has been providing turn-key solutions and products for industrial automation applications, special industrial applications and high-end automation equipment. The automation applications of food and beverage processing plants are very similar to those of pharmaceutical factory automation equipment. They are very demanding for the daily cleaning of the facilities and equipment in the factory area, and they will definitely be used for washing, brushing, and even water washing. Therefore, the waterproof and anticorrosion requirements of industrial computing hardware are extremely important.
Combining our deep cultivation and project experience in the food and beverage industry, TAICENN provides customers with waterproof stainless steel industrial Panel PC products, using advanced information technology and equipment to help the automation of pharmaceutical factories, and improve the efficiency of pharmaceutical factories, so as to ensure a safe and hygienic level.
Full IP65/66 stainless steel Panel PC used in pharmaceutical factory
Product Features:
 304 stainless steel material, optional higher 316 material, fanless design;
 Support Intel Celeron, 6th/7th gen. Core i3, i5, i7 processors, compatible with Win7, Win10 and Linux operating systems;
 Three sizes of 15.0, 17.0 and 19.0 are available;
 Precision multi-point projected capacitive or high-temperature 5-wires resistive touch, which is convenient for HMI operation;
 IP65/IP66, high-reliability waterproof M12 aviation connector, cables can be customized according to customer's requirements, easy for customers to use;
 Rich IO interface: 1x GLAN port, 4x USB ports, 1x serial port, 1 power supply, 1x optional network/Com port (Selectable);
 DC 12V power input, over-current, over-voltage and palarity protection, AC power supply can be considered;

At last:
With the rapid development of information technology and automation in the pharmaceutical industry, the introduction of more automated production equipment can not only greatly improve production efficiency and reduce the risk of manual error rates for pharmaceutical companies, but also use high-reliability waterproof stainless steel equipment and systems makes it necessary to implement scientific whole-process management and strict monitoring to achieve the expected quality of medicines, and finally improve the core competitiveness of the pharmaceutical factory.

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