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TAICENN Industrial Panel PC using in Smart hospital project
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Smart hospitals use Internet technology, intelligent technology, including some current artificial intelligence technologies, into the field of medical services.

The scope of smart hospitals currently delineated mainly includes three areas:

The first is "smart medical care" for medical staff. The electronic medical record is the core of the construction of informatization. It applies Internet technology, artificial intelligence technology, big data technology, and Internet of Things technology into medical scenarios.

The second area is "smart services" for patients. All-in-one terminals and self-service terminals service including mobile phone settlement, appointment registration, appointment diagnosis and treatment, and information reminders in many hospitals, make patients feel more convenient and faster.

The third area is "smart management" for hospitals. One of the most important aspects of hospital management is refined cost accounting, which is used for the internal logistics management of these hospitals. Administrators can use their mobile phones or computers in the office to see the status of the entire hospital. This big field is used for the refined information management of hospitals.

The construction of "smart medical care" can improve the capability and level of medical services, reduce the pressure and increase efficiency of medical staff. And at the same time, it extends the time domain, airspace and field of medical services, and continuously promote "patient satisfaction", "employee satisfaction" and "government satisfaction".

TAICENN Industrial Panel PC using in Smart hospital project

Application requirements: 

The core goal of "Smart Medical" for medical staff is to use technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, 5G, and the Internet of Things technologies to realize informatization of diagnosis and treatment, teaching, scientific research and other activities. Smart Medical helps to obtain better medical results, service efficiency and service quality at a lower cost. As indispensable and smart information terminals for smart hospitals, Industrial computing hardware is equipped with computer and network technology, information systems and software platforms, to be used in the multi-scenario construction of smart hospitals. With the advantages of high quality, high performance, high stability, energy saving and environmental protection, it helps medical staff and improve hospital satisfaction.

Industrial panel PC using in the smart hospital applications:
Smart hospitals can help medical staff to reduce pressure and increase efficiency. As the intelligent terminal devices for informatization tools of medical staff, industrial computer products need to meet the following high standards:
➤Low power consumption and fanless design;
➤High precision touch feeling, improve the touch efficiency;
➤Front panel IP65 dust-proof and water-proof protection;
➤Ensure that the system runs automatically to meet continuous 24-hour operating;
➤Support WiFi/4G wireless expansion to ensure real-time and stable data transmission;

Based on these features, we delivered our TPC-DCM series TPC-DCM215C1 model for an overseas smart hospital project. TAICENN TPC-DCM215C1 is slim designed wide-screen industrial touch panel PCs, using Intel Baytrail platform, quad-core J1900 processor, high-strength aluminum-magnesium alloy structure, low-power and large-area heat sink design. Combining high-quality LED backlight 16:9 LCD screen (Full HD 1920x1080), with wide temperature adaptation, to ensure ultra-low power consumption and stable operation. The self-developed tempered glass with the 10-point capacitive touch screen design on the surface, makes the front panel reach IP65 protection level. It supports wide-voltage power supply DC 9~24V input expansion, maximum 8GB DDR3 memory and two storage solution, dual Intel gigabit network, two serial ports and multi-channel display, EETI touch controller with excellent algorithm ability, flexible mount methods.
TAICENN Industrial Panel PC using in Smart hospital project
Key Features:
● High-strength aluminum-magnesium alloy material, sheet metal structure;
● 21.5-inch widescreen LCD screen, LED backlight, full HD 1920*1080;
● Intel Baytrail platform, J1900 Quad-core and low-power processor;
● Multi-point capacitive touch (max. up to 10 points), EETI high-precision touch controller;
● Fanless design, flat and ultra-slim design, front panel IP65 protection;
● Panel mount installation, support VESA 75/100 installation;
● DC 9~24V voltage input, with overvoltage and overcurrent reverse connection power protection;
● 2 Intel Ethernet ports, 2 serial ports (optional 1 RS485), 4 USB ports (1 USB3.0);
● Optional expansion of 3G/4G/LTE, or WIFI/Bluetooth wireless expansion;
● I/O interface: 4 USB, 2 GLAN, 2 COM, 1 HDMI, audio.

At the end:
With the empowerment of AI, big data, and IoT technologies, "smart medical care" provides an effective solution to improve the level, efficiency and quality of medical services. At the meantime, it alleviates the shortage of medical resources and the contradiction between supply and demand in our country. The general tendency of medical and health development in modern society will use the "smart medical" as the core, promote health technology innovation, integrate all medical resources, open up the entire industry chain, and ultimately realize the construction of national health.

TAICENN Industrial Panel PC using in Smart hospital project

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