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TAICENN Panel PCs help to implement the digitalization pharmaceutical printing and coating applications
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Temperature fluctuations, mixing equipment condition, type and conditions of substrates, formulations, process step interactions and mixing time parameters can all alter the print quality and performance across batches in pharma-printing. The downtimes and delay in deliveries due to rejects can seriously hurt profitability and delivery speed. Most of these parameters can be controlled by a system that continuously monitors the ink characteristics and takes corrective actions automatically and adaptively without disrupting the continuous printing operations.
Technologies required to deliver such transformational changes in the manufacturing process for pharmaceutical manufacturers already exist. Once the manufacturer invests in process monitoring equipment and analyze the collected data, it allows them to estimate where productivity gains can be made, where energy savings can be achieved and how to reduce downtimes through predictive maintenance.
TAICENN Panel PCs help to implement the digitalization pharmaceutical printing and coating applications
Application requirements: 
The key value of inline ink monitoring and control solutions for pharma printing applications to support the factory digitalization and Industry 4.0 adoption. 
Closed quality control loops and the increasing degree of viscosity automation enabled by the viscometers add value to the printing process in terms of quality, consistency, reduced wastes, efficiency and productivity. Human error is avoided and fully automatic correction of any deviation in the manufacturing process becomes possible. Data provided by the viscometers and integrated solutions helps to accelerate learning curves and accommodate more frequent pharma product composition changeovers, contributing to a more resource-efficient, economical and greener manufacturing process.
In cases where asset productivity and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) are key and maintenance costs are significant, it helps the pharma manufacturers cut down on process interruptions with predictive maintenance for production tools and machines. Forecasting potential downtime events and quality diagnosis are enabled by data provided by the sensors.
The digitalization pharmaceutical printing and coating technology add unique capabilities of interconnected technologies, which allow manufacturers to respond and adapt more quickly to customer requests, and even develop custom orders with less labor and setup time than in traditional manufacturing.
Inline ink preparation with continuous viscosity monitoring solutions solves major challenges of batch processes such as losses during product changeovers and inefficacies of material handling in a recipe-based approach. It supports scaling up of capacities with ease.

Industrial panel PC using in the digitalization pharmaceutical printing and coating applications:
As the real-time process monitoring & control center, Industrial computing HMI touch Panel can help to produce superior quality and consistent products of great variety with least involvement of operator on factory floor. It helps the solution to own a significant advantage over the other process and control solutions. As the intelligent monitoring and control system, industrial computer products need to meet the following high standards:
➤Low power consumption and fanless design, multiple IOs for connections;
➤High precision touch feeling, improve the touch efficiency;
➤Front panel IP65 dust-proof and water-proof protection, Panel mount;
➤Ensure that the system runs automatically to meet continuous 24-hour operating;
➤Support WiFi/4G wireless expansion to ensure real-time and stable data transmission;
TAICENN Panel PCs help to implement the digitalization pharmaceutical printing and coating applications
Based on these features, we delivered our TPC-PC series TPC-PC104C1 model for the digitalization pharmaceutical printing and coating applications. TAICENN TPC-PC104C1 is a 10.4-inch industrial panel PCs, using Intel Baytrail platform, quad-core J1900 processor, high-strength aluminum-magnesium alloy structure, low-power and large-area heat sink design. Combining high-quality LED backlight 10.4” LCD screen (1024*768), with wide temperature adaptation, to ensure ultra-low power consumption and stable operation. The self-developed tempered glass with the 10-point capacitive touch screen design on the surface, makes the front panel reach IP65 protection level. It supports wide-voltage power supply DC 9~24V input expansion, maximum 8GB DDR3 memory and 2 storage solution, 2 Intel gigabit network, 6 serial ports, 1 HDMI and 1 VGA display, EETI touch controller with excellent algorithm ability, flexible mount methods.

Key Features:
● Magnesium aluminum panel, sheet-metal box structure;
● 10.4" TFT LCD, LED backlit, resolution 1024*768;
● Intel Baytrail Celeron J1900 2.0Ghz Quad-core low power processor;
● Multi-points projective capacitive touchscreen, EETI touch controller;
● True flat design, front IP65 rated protection;
● Panel mount, support VESA 75/100 mount; 
● DC 9~24V input, with over-current, over-voltage protection; 
● 2*Intel GLAN, 6*RS232 (Optional 1*RS485), 5*USB (1*USB3.0); 
● Expansional with 3G/4G/LTE, Wi-Fi/BT wireless; 
● I/O: 5x USB, 2x GLAN, 6x COM, 1x HDMI, 1x VGA, Mic-in/Line-out.

At the end:
Whether it’s through increasing connectivity throughout all areas of operations, providing new tools for analyzing data or helping pharma overcome barriers to advanced technologies, the innovating IIoT-based solutions and system can make the digital transformation more seamless than ever before.

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