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TAICENN Panel PCs for Ambulance Remote Diagnosis
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TAICENN Panel PCs for Ambulance Remote Diagnosis
At the scene of disease emergency and natural disaster rescue, medical personnel need to conduct emergency examination of patient injuries, and transmit the examination results to the emergency command center and the hospital. At the case at the same time, the hospital for patients with difficult conditions provides remote treatment and guidance through the mobile terminal. On the way of the ambulance, medical personnel can access the electronic medical records of patients through the mobile terminal, continuously monitor the vital signs through the vehicle-mounted mobile medical equipment, and consult with remote experts through the vehicle-mounted camera for collaborative diagnosis and treatment, so as to buy precious time for the treatment of patients.

The key to improve the success rate of emergency patients is the key to improve the success rate of emergency patients. Therefore, the advanced ambulance system is thinking about how to immediately return the information of the ambulance to the hospital after the patient enters the ambulance, and then the doctor makes a preliminary diagnosis, and then the doctor can guide the medical staff in the ambulance for the diagnosis and treatment action. In order to practice this scheme, the ambulance needs to be equipped to operate stably in the vehicle environment, with powerful computing power, various equipment information in the ambulance, and the image information of the mobile vehicle computer back to the hospital through the fast wireless network is indispensable.

Program requirements:
● Industrial grade fanless Panel mount Panel PC;
● Has wireless communication and accurate GPS positioning capability;
● Meets the unstable vehicle battery voltage of various special vehicles; 
● Needs to be connected to various cameras or other sensor devices through the I/O interface;

TAICENN Solutions:
To meet the ambulance needs, TAICENN has designed a series of strong solid on-board computers, with a rugged fan-less characteristic to adapt to the harsh outdoor environment, and the friendly operation interface is convenient for drivers to operate. At the same time, the rich I/O interface can communicate between the on-board computer and the driver drive, differential positioning module, and various sensors, to realize the functions that the customers need. In addition, TAICENN also designs supporting power modules, fixed brackets, various supporting antennas and so on, so that customers can more easily install computers on the ambulance, to achieve a variety of scheduled functions.
TAICENN Panel PCs for Ambulance Remote Diagnosis
Model: TPC-DRS150W2W
● 15.0” TFT LCD display, LED Backlit, XGA 1024 *768;
● Intel 8th -gen. Whiskey Lake Quad-core Core i5-8265U processor;
● High temp. 5-wires precision resistive touchscreen, EETI controller;
● Aluminum-magnesium alloy, anodized treatment, Modular designed;
● Wide voltage DC 9~36V power input;
● IO: 2*GLAN, 4*USB3.0, 3*COM (DB9), 2*HDMI;
● Intel PTT TPM2.0, Support Windows 11 OS;
● Fan-less & Slim design, Panel mount, VESA, Front IP65 protection.

TAICENN TPC-DRS150W2W series is a high performance, Fan-less designed industrial 15.0-inch XGA 1024*768 touch Panel PC product. It adapts Intel 8th Gen. Whiskey Lake Core i5-8265U processors. TPC-DRS150W2W series storage can support 1* 2.5" SATA and 1* M.2 (PCIe) interface, HDD or SSD. The TPC-DRS150W2W model design with rich IO interface, includes 2 GLAN, 4 USB3.0, 3 COM, 2 HDMI. This slim Panel PC support dual M.2 expansion slots for 3G/4G/BT/Wi-Fi wireless, also support 5G/Wi-Fi6 functions. The design uses a high temp. precision 5-wires resistive touch screen, and it can fulfill front panel NEMA/IP65 dust-proof and water-proof standards.
The TPC-DRS150W2W designs with Intel PTT TPM2.0, uses full-sealed box construction, and it can prevent dust from entering the device system, is compatible with WIN10, Win11, Linux OS and Ubuntu, and it also has a good compatibility with customized applications and software programs.

At present, the increasing number of disaster accidents, accidental injuries and emergencies has accelerated the development of emergency medical service system. As an important first aid resource of the pre-hospital emergency service system, the ambulance provides rapid and effective support for the daily emergency, critical and severe emergency medical needs occurring outside the hospital. Using Internet of things acquisition technology and information technology, intelligent transformation of the existing ambulance, has high application value, can improve the service efficiency of pre-hospital first aid and first aid level, 120 ambulance into a "mobile emergency room", realize first aid forward, hospital outside the hospital seamless, save precious time for hospital first aid.
TAICENN Panel PCs for Ambulance Remote Diagnosis
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