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Reduce The Burden of Nursing, To Build A Smart Ward ——TAICENN TPC-DCS121A1
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Smart ward solution aims at auxiliary medical supply, which is a major application scenario of smart medical TCM sensor, and also an important symbol of the improvement of hospital informatization degree. Smart wards help optimize patients' care experience in hospital and simplify medical workflow. 

All kinds of medical sensors used as medical auxiliary data collection terminals in smart wards are also applicable outside hospitals, such as families, community health institutions, various pension institutions and rehabilitation centers. The extended use of health monitoring sensor equipment has enriched the collection sources of various medical data, and laid a solid foundation for the analysis and utilization of medical big data in the future.

Unique/unprecedented patient e-health experience
  • make stays more comfortable, “feels like home”
  • provides/maintains social connection (especially when physical visits are restricted)   facilitates access to information and medical staff
  • facilitates access to hospital added-value services 
  • integrated patient pathway from pre-ad to post-stay monitoring
  • individualized whole person care
Optimization of administrative and medical staff efficiency
  • digitalization of administrative tasks (surveys, meal orders)
  • patient autonomy (access to medical data, therapeutic education)
  • open to innovative new services and usages
  • connection with existing digitalized services (meal orders, data validation)
Modernization of institution image / health services
  • provides a digitalized connected experience
  • additional revenues/service creation
TAICENN Solution:

TAICENN’s smart ward solution will be based on the new generation of Internet of Things, with software and hardware intelligent manufacturing as the path, big data as the starting point, and artificial intelligence as the core, build ward holographic perception management platforms such as physical sign monitoring, intelligent infusion, data linkage, and patient behavior management, and reconstruct the operation mode of ward diagnosis and treatment and nursing.

TAICENN TPC-DCS121A1 series is a low power-consumption, Fan-less designed, enhanced stability and reliability industrial 12.1-inch Touch Panel PC product. It adapts Intel Apollo lake J3455 quad-core processor.

● 12.1” TFT LCD display, LED Backlit, XGA 1024 *768;
● Intel Apollo Lake Celeron J3455 processor, Quad-core 1.5Ghz;
● Multi-points (Max. up 10 points) Projective capacitive touch, EETI controller;
● Aluminum-magnesium alloy, anodized treatment, Modular designed;
● DC 12V, optional wide voltage DC 9~36V power input;
● IO: 2*GLAN, 4*USB3.0, 2*COM (DB9), 2*HDMI;
● Intel PTT TPM2.0, support Windows 11;

● Fan-less & Slim design, Panel mount, VESA, Front IP65 protection.

The TPC-DCS121A1 designs with Intel PTT TPM2.0, uses full-sealed box construction, and it can prevent dust from entering the device system, is compatible with WIN10, Win11, Linux OS and Ubuntu, and it also has a good compatibility with customized applications and software programs.

The end:

Intelligent medical treatment is an important research field of the Internet of Things, which realizes the interaction between patients and medical personnel, medical institutions and medical equipment through wireless network.

TAICENN works with its technology partners to deliver patient infotainment, telemedicine, smart wards, nursing stations, operating suites and other fully intergraded smart healthcare solutions. In the future, with more artificial intelligence and sensing technology, under the support of the regional health information platform based on health records, the medical service will be truly intelligent and promote the prosperity and development of medical industry.

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