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Industrial Panel PC use in Medical automation application
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In the production process of pharmaceutical companies, with the continuous expansion of production scale, the strengthening of the production process, the strict requirements on the quality of medicines, and the fierce competition between companies, manual operation and control are far from meeting the requirements of modern production. We all know that in the pharmaceutical industry, drug cost, drug quality and drug update are the three key factors in the competition in the pharmaceutical market. Pharmaceutical manufacturers pay attention to the efficiency and quality of medicine. The use of automation technology is undoubtedly an important way to improve production efficiency and reduce drug costs. Therefore, pharmaceutical automation is a necessary condition for the development of pharmaceutical production enterprises. Pharmaceutical automation can not only help pharmaceutical companies to achieve lean production and improve manufacturing efficiency, but also reduce the error rate of workers and reduce production costs. In addition, the deep integration of pharmaceutical manufacturing and automation is very important for achieving quality and efficiency gains in the pharmaceutical industry.

Industrial Panel PC use in Medical automation application

For example, in the field of pharmaceutical packaging equipment, the use of automatic packaging equipment and automatic packaging lines can not only significantly reduce the packaging costs of enterprises, but also greatly improve the packaging equipment to meet the needs of automated production, and improve the safety and accuracy of the packaging fields, further liberating the packaging labor force.

It is foreseeable that with the continuous improvement of the pharmaceutical industry's demand for automation, coupled with enterprise technological transformation and equipment updates, future manufacturing industry automation and intelligence will inevitably become the main development tendency. Then, in automated pharmaceutical equipment, as an important control center, touch display devices will also get new market opportunities.

Applications requirement:
As the pharmaceutical industry has strict specifications for equipment and processes in aseptic, purification, sterilization, cleaning, etc., there is an urgent need for technologies such as real-time monitoring and analysis of ingredients and quality, online monitoring, and anti-counterfeiting identification. Enterprises have increasingly demands on pharmaceutical equipment automation and overall solutions.
According to actual research, many pharmaceutical companies have problems of disconnection between production plan and process control execution. This problem directly affects the production efficiency of the company. The implementation of MES can greatly improve the informatization and automation integration of manufacturing, and provide automatic information services for the production, quality inspection, process, and other departments of pharmaceutical companies, and then seamlessly connect to solve the problem of disconnection through the ERP system. .

TAICENN's solution products:
There are many similarities between the medical automation and the industrial automation industry, and also there are many differences. As a solution provider &manufacturer of industrial computing hardware product solutions, TAICENN combines our own industrial project experience to provide customers with industrial touch panel products for its intelligent manufacturing production line. The application is a typical MES application project, and the demand is relatively mature already.
Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a computerized system for manufacturing, tracking and recording the conversion of raw materials to finished products. MES works in real time to control multiple elements of the production process (Inputs, personnel, machines and support services). TAICENN Industrial Panel PC TPC-DCM series is distributed in all workstations, obtain codes from ERP system, execute and feed back to ERP system. The slim compact and fanless design, different processors configured on different platforms, IP65 waterproof and dust-proof protection on the front panel, and rich IO interfaces can meet customer site requirements.
Industrial Panel PC use in Medical automation application
Product Features:
 Rugged aluminum-magnesium alloy box structure design, large-area heat-sink, fanless design for the whole machine;
 Available with Intel Celeron, 6th/7th generation Core i3/i5/i7 processors, compatible with Win7, Win10 and Linux operating systems;
 15.6-inch and 21.5-inch widescreen, Full HD 1920 * 1080 LCD screen;
 Multi-point (max up to 10 points) projective capacitive touchscreen, easy for human machine interaction;
 Rich IO interface: 2 Ethernet ports, 4 USB ports, 2 serial ports, Mic-in/Line-out, 1 HDMI;
 Optional wireless expansion: Wi-Fi/3G/4G, and 2x 2W speakers;
 DC 9~24V power input, with over-current, over-voltage and polarity protection;

At last:
With the rapid development of informatization and automation in the pharmaceutical industry, the introduction of more automatic production equipment can not only greatly improve production efficiency and reduce the risk of manual error rates for pharmaceutical companies, but also make full use of the data collected by automation equipment. It also helps to continuously improve the innovation ability of R&D and design of enterprises, and increase the level of production intensification, modern management, and flexible equipment.
Industrial Panel PC use in Medical automation application
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