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TAICENN Panel PC TPC-PC150C1 used in flue gas monitoring application
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Flue gas monitoring refers to monitoring the concentration and total amount of gaseous pollutants and particulate matter emitted by atmospheric pollution sources. At present, Chinese sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide emissions have ranked first and second in the world respectively. Soot directly affects the environmental quality of the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides   are all acid gases, which are the main factors for the formation of acid rain. For the emission control of flue gas pollutants from coal-fired power plants, environment monitoring of pollution sources should be done first. It is the basis and scale for environmental management.
Industry Status:
Under the severe situation of increasing air pollution, people are eager to effectively supervise various industrial processes and reduce emissions. With the prevalence of the industrial Internet, remote unattended and accurate reporting of big data has become a trend, so a reliable unattended automatic flue gas monitoring system becomes a hot demand.
Through the flue gas automatic monitoring system (CEMS), it can continuously monitor the CO content, flue gas flow, smoke particulate matter, flue gas temperature, flue gas humidity, etc. with industrial instruments. It is convenient to give a convincing basis for the emission of exhaust gas exceeding the standard, and it is convenient to quantitatively control the emission of pollutants.
TAICENN cooperate with a enterprise in china, to realize remote continuous monitoring of the flue gas emission process. The system uses UV analysis instrument as the core, and uses automatic control technology, computer application technology and related special analysis software to design and develop a complete system from sampling, pretreatment, gas analysis to data acquisition and data upload.
Environment protection panel pc
It is mainly used for dynamic continuous monitoring of particulate matter, SO2, NOx and other pollutants in flue gas, and monitors other parameters such as oxygen, temperature, pressure, flow, humidity, etc. Then it generates charts through data acquisition and processing system, and the monitoring data applies with HJ/T212 national standard. The communication protocol is passed on to the environmental protection departments at all levels.

System requirement:
In the whole system of flue gas monitoring, the requirements for multi-channel, high-speed operation, stability and real-time responsibility are requested as below:
   - Dual core and above computing capabilities to achieve high-speed data calculation.
   - Low power consumption and fanless designed, for long-term stable operation.
   - Multi-serial support is required to achieve multi-channel data acquisition.
   - The touch panel requires waterproof, corrosion protection, rust and electromagnetic interference.
   - Support Panel mount installation.
Environment protection Panel computer

Product & Features:
As a professional solution provider & manufacturer of embedded computer systems, TAICENN provides a modular designed industrial panel computer to this application, complied with the application requirements and environment. 15-inch industrial Panel mount display, the whole system adopts high strength, compact, anti-shock, anti-vibration industrial computer design, integrated with high-brightness LED backlight LCD screen and P-cap. touch screen, with good sensitivity and light transmission. This industrial panel PC can meet the industrial application environment. A variety of installation methods, suitable for applications such as inspection, industrial automation and other high-performance multi-communication requirements.
Product features:
   - Intel Atom's 4th Baytrail low-power J1900 processor;
   - The high strength box structure design, combined with the optimized heat dissipation design of TAICENN, which is able to realize the permanent operation and effectively resists all kinds of electromagnetic interference on site;
   - Industrial grade 15.0 TFT LCD display with LED backlight for long life and reliable operation;
   - Self-developed projective capacitive 10 points touch screen, combined with the aluminum alloy front panel, front IP65 protection;
   - Default with 6x serial ports, optional support 8x or 10x serial ports, for multi-channel data acquisition;
   - Industrial -20~60°C wide temperature operating temp. range, for harsh environment operation.

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