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Industrial Panel PC used in Garbage Management System Vehicle applications
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In today's society, we know it is very important to do the separation of waste. Each municipality has its own management system that can distribute waste to a recycling center or a garbage disposal station. For example, in some places, there may be a large waste container that is used to gather all types of waste in the area. In other places, there are also many waste containers (residual waste, green waste, plastic and paper). In particular, the recent implementation of waste sorting management in Shanghai, China, is constantly training people to be the most important step in the separation of waste in urban and rural areas. At the same time, in order to accurately collect the garbage in the garbage waste container and improve the labor efficiency and automation efficiency, the garbage waste management and collection system is particularly important. At present, the implementation and management of domestic waste is particularly backward, and the collection and management of foreign waste separation management has been slowly implemented. But it can also be said that the domestic waste management market is also a very huge market. If we can popularize automation management, we also make a huge contribution to protecting our global environment in order to protect our home.
Application requirements:

We set a example of an oversea waste separation management automation application, to illustrate that garbage collection containers (special trash cans) will have special data sensors, barcode or RFID devices, weighing system equipment and other sensors, which can provide data reference for the processing center. And the full load alarm prompts, and reports the specific location of the garbage collection container; the processing center will locate the closest garbage vehicles to them according to the location of the collected containers, and prompt the nearby garbage vehicles to dump the garbage. Therefore, this requires garbage vehicle management and on-board computer display system, prompting drivers to operate details and guidance, and provide the best automation solution.

Industrial vehicle Panel PC requirements:
1. Installation and maintenance convenience: Considering that various vehicle environments are different and the coverage is very large, the participating staf are also very complicated. Therefore, under certain conditions, industrial panel pc should be suitable for various sites. For example, to support VESA75/100 standard, support for RAM brackets.
2, anti-vibration requirements: as the vibration in the vehicle, then the panel pc used be used properly under such vibration environment.
3, display requirements: As the car is used outdoors, cannot avoid the sun or even high brightness environment, you need to minimize the impact of this situation by using high-quality display or structural design.
4, power performance: vehicle computers generally take power directly from the vehicle battery, because the use of various batteries are different, coupled with the instantaneous impact of ignition and flameout, so the power requirements for the use of equipment is very high. Otherwise, it is extremely vulnerable to damage.
5, wide temperature requirements: China is mostly in the subtropical and temperate regions; the area is very vast; the temperature of the vehicle is extremely extreme, from -20 to 60 degrees Celsius is much possible, this will be a big test for industrial panel pc.
6. Electromagnetic interference: It is impossible to use only one electrical equipment for the use of special vehicles, especially for police and medical vehicles. Unqualified electromagnetic radiation can cause serious interference to other equipment, such as digital radio stations, medical high-precision physical signs monitoring.
7. Heat dissipation of the whole machine: Due to the dust and sand-dust of the vehicle machine, the fan configuration is generally not recommended. It is required to be fully sealed under the condition of heat dissipation, and there is no additional heat dissipation hole.
8. IP protection: According to different operation environments, the damage of rainwater & dust is inevitable, and a certain IP level is a necessary condition for a qualified vehicle panel pc.
9. Function buttons: With the function buttons, it can bring great convenience and improve the use efficiency in the unstable interior environment.

TAICENN solutions and products:

TAICENN customized an industrial tablet TPC-DC080C1E for this oversea customer. This is a low-power & fanless design, 8-inch capacitive touch industrial panel pc with rich IO interface, adapted with Intel Celeron J1900 processor; optional 8GB memory and mSATA solid-state hard disk storage; designed with rich IO interface, protection 2 network ports, 4 USB (1 USB3.0) ports, 5 serial ports (1 RS422); at the meantime, this computer system is equipped with 3G/4G modules of full network as required; and GPS module. This industrial panel pc supports WIN7, WIN8, WIN10 and LINUX systems to provide customers with stable operating system support.

Product Features:
1- 8 inch, 800*600 resolution, multi-point capacitive touch LCD screen;
2- equipped with Intel quad-core four-thread 2.0Ghz Celeron J1900 processor;
3- Ultra-compact, fanless design, large area finned heat sink;
4- IO interfaces: 2* Intel GLAN, 4* USB ports, 4 RS232 serial ports, 1 RS422 serial port, 1 HDMI;
5- Vehicle wide voltage support, DC DC 9~36V voltage input;
6- Integrated GPS module and full network 3G/4G wireless module;

7- Industrial wide temperature operation temperature -20~+60C.

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