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Industrial Fanless Computer for AGV (Automated guided vehicle) application
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After the two concepts of "Industry 4.0" and "Made in China 2025" were put forward, manufacturing companies are advocating the concepts of "intelligent manufacturing" and robots every day. In fact, the core of intelligent manufacturing is not robots. Its core is to interconnect production equipment. Intelligent manufacturing is actually a human-machine integrated intelligent system composed of intelligent machines and human experts. Through the cooperation of machines and people, it can extend and replace some of the mental work in the production process. Smart manufacturing has updated the concept of traditional automation and expanded to be intelligent, flexible and highly integrated. As the most flexible automation equipment, AGV can be said to play a very important role in the manufacturing process.

Industrial Fanless Computer for AGV (Automated guided vehicle) application

What is an AGV? AGV is short for Automated Guided Vehicle. We usually referred to as AGV vehicle, it refers to a transport vehicle equipped with automatic guidance devices such as electromagnetic or optical, which can drive along a prescribed guide path, has safety protection and various transfer functions, and does not require the driver to transport in industrial applications. The vehicle uses a re-chargeable battery as its power source. AGV is involved in a wide range of fields, such as machinery, electronics, optics, computers and other fields, which are widely used in automated modern logistics systems.

AGV plays an extremely important role in the transformation and upgrading of enterprise intelligent manufacturing. With the advantages of high flexibility and high automation, it has become an important breakthrough for intelligent industrial robots, helping the development of Industry 4.0 and China Manufacturing 2025.

Industry requirements:
Strictly speaking, if an enterprise wants to use AGVs in a factory, it is not just buying a few AGVs that can be used directly, but to make a complete suitable solution based on the actual situation and environment of the factory. People have to use the advanced equipment to understand the entire production process, analyze the automatically generated data, continuously optimize the production process, improve the actual efficiency of intelligent manufacturing, and combine the typical AGV car application to further increase the degree of flexibility, so as to achieve intelligent manufacturing. In the AGV device, CAN bus communication is very common. The magnetic stripe sensor, expansion board, obstacle sensor, wireless communication module and drive module are all connected to the AGV main system via the CAN bus. The CAN bus is used to connect the magnetic stripe sensor, the expansion board, and the obstacle sensor to the AGV main system, which can greatly reduce the wiring, and the CAN bus can be connected to different interfaces, which has strong expandability and can realize more advanced functions.

TAICENN's solutions and products:
As an industrial computing hardware solution provider & manufacturer, TAICENN has been providing turn-key solution and product for industrial automation applications, industrial applications and high-end automation equipment. Combined with the industry market demands of AGV vehicles and our quick & flexible customization capability, the TBOX-36X0-ZW model industrial computer machine is perfectly used in AGV car. The TBOX-36X0-ZW is developed based on our TBOX-3 series Industrial box computer. It is a rugged& compact, modular fanless embedded industrial PC system equipped with Intel Core® Core i3, i5, i7 dual-core processors. TBOX-36X0-ZW industrial computer designs with rich IO interfaces, 5x network ports (4x support PoE function), 6x USB interfaces (4x USB3.0), 1x CAN port, 32x GPIO functions (16x DI/DO) with photoelectric isolated ports, 1x HDMI, 2x RS232 and 4x RS485 serial ports, which can meet the customer's needs for customized system during system integration
Industrial Fanless Computer for AGV (Automated guided vehicle) application
Product Features:
● Rugged & compact, fanless aluminum box design;
● On-board Intel Skylake 6th -gen Celeron, Core i3/i5/i7 processor;
● Support DDR4 4G/8G/16GB memory, 1* mSATA and 1* 2.5” SATA Storage;
● DC 9~36V power input, with over-current, over-voltage and polarity protection;
● Industrial wide temp. range -20 ~ + 70℃ range, optional with -40 ~ + 80℃;
● 5x Intel 10/100/1000 GLAN, 4x Support PoE function, 32x GPIO (16x DI, 16x DO);
● 4x USB3.0, 2x USB2.0, 6x RS232 (4x RS485), 1x HDMI, 1x VGA, 1x CAN.

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