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TAICENN Panel PC for Lithium Battery Detection application
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TAICENN Panel PC for Lithium Battery Detection application
In recent years, Chinese lithium battery industry has developed rapidly. With the continuous introduction of new industrial policies, the lithium battery industry has ushered in a new golden week period. According to data, in the first quarter of 2021, the lithium battery sector achieved an operating revenue of 80.13 billion yuan, an increase of 79% in 2020. It is expected that by 2025, the scale of Chinese lithium battery industry will exceed 640 billion yuan. Lithium batteries have now become the mainstream trend of battery applications, such as mobile phones, tablets, tablet computers, battery banks, drones, new energy vehicles, electric vehicles, wearable devices and so on.
The production capacity and demand of lithium battery are growing rapidly, gradually forming a huge industrial group. However, lithium batteries in the production process will inevitably produce some surface damage, such as scratches, bumps, etc., which pose a serious threat to the safety of the battery. In the production process of the battery electrode, it will cause the positive and negative electrode defects because of the coating machine, dark spot and roller press, and the quality of the pole plate will determine the performance and life of the battery, so in the production process, the quality of the pole plate must be strictly tested.

Machine vision empowers lithium battery manufacturing:
From the structural point of view, the manufacturing of lithium battery is very simple -- will the battery cathode (positive charge) and anode (negative charge) electrode alternately stacked, each layer with diaphragm, electrode between liquid or solid electrolyte.
But the actual production process is quite complex and sensitive. The coating thickness of the electrode has a great impact on the performance and even the stability of the battery. Especially in the large-scale production mode, any scratches, dew leaves, bubbles, wrinkles, dark spots, bright spots, missing materials and other defects produced in the battery materials, cells, PACK packaging and other links will seriously affect the performance and quality of lithium battery products.
How to quickly carry out the quality inspection of the production process of lithium battery has become the key link in the efficient production of lithium battery. In this regard, machine vision has changed the production mode of lithium battery with extremely high detection efficiency, detection accuracy and super stability, and has become the standard configuration in the production and assembly of lithium battery.
TAICENN Panel PC for Lithium Battery Detection application
TAICENN TPC-DCP215K Solutions:
Machine vision technology is integrated to lithium battery detection equipment, and machine vision products such as lens, industrial cameras and image processing units are combined with image processing software to replace artificial vision for information acquisition, recognition and judgment. After professional image analysis, the clear images are transmitted to industrial panel PC TPC-DCP215K at high speed and then classified, eliminated, alarm and other actions according to the calculation results.
- Improve the detection efficiency and lower the labor costs.
- The operation is simple and not complicated, and the system stability is strong.
- It can trace the defect database in real time to realize intelligent analysis.

Model: TPC-DCP215K
● Widescreen 21.5” TFT LCD display, LED Backlit, Full HD 1920 *1080;
● Intel Celeron 3855U or Core i5-7200U processor;
● Multi-points (Max. up 10 points) Projective capacitive touch, EETI controller;
● Aluminum-magnesium alloy, anodized treatment, Modular designed;
● DC 9~36V, with over-current, over-voltage and polarity protection;
● 4*GLAN (Support PoE), 2*USB3.0, 2*COM, 1*VGA;
● Fan-less & Slim design, Panel mount, VESA, Front IP65 protection.
TAICENN Panel PC for Lithium Battery Detection application
TAICENN TPC-DCP215K model is a widescreen 21.5" full HD Pcap. touch PoE (Power over Ethernet) industrial panel PC, which adopts TAICENN’s unique modular design and manufacturing concept. On the IO interfaces design, the TPC-DCP215K is designed with rich IO interfaces to meet the actual requirements of customers application. It can support 4 GLAN (all support PoE 802.3AF), 2 USB3.0 ports, 2 serial ports (one serial port supports RS232/RS422/RS485), and a VGA video display port; 1 internal Mini-PCIe expansion slot, can optional support 3G/4G, WiFi/BT wireless connections. The TPC-DCP215K Industrial touch Panel PC adopts high-strength aluminum-magnesium alloy structure, fanless design structure, exquisite appearance, support Panel mount and VESA 75/100 mount; Its power supports wide voltage DC 9~36V input range. 

In the end:
The explosion of the lithium battery market is just a spray in the development of China's manufacturing industry. When the current industry rises, what new technologies and new products will machine vision use to break through the application limitations and promote the intelligent and digital development of China's manufacturing industry? We don’t know yet. But in any case, TAICENN will always be continue to boost new technologies in all fields.

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