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Industrial Panel PC for Manufacturing Execution System (MES) applications
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Industrial Panel PC for Manufacturing Execution System (MES) applications
With the vigorous promotion of "Industry 4.0", manufacturers are required to upgrade manufacturing, build smart factories, improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and improve quality and service. MES can provide manufacturers with lean production processing, including manufacturing data processing, production scheduling processing, inventory processing, equipment shortcomings processing, data integration analysis and other lean production processing. To realize the scientific analysis and decision-making based on the data collection, and to achieve the intelligent and automatic management. Ensure the quality, quantity and delivery time of products, and the effective use of factory resources: manpower, machinery, equipment and raw materials, etc.

MES uses industrial Ethernet, Profibus field bus, industrial control machine, LED display, wireless radio frequency identification, bar code identification and other technologies to realize the data collection and control of all kinds of processing equipment, release information through LED display, and realize the quality control, material pull, information release and operation guidance.

At present, MES is used to control all factory resources, including materials, equipment, personnel, process instructions and facilities, not only for the production site system, is connecting the field layer and management layer, improve the production and operation efficiency of the system, not a specific industry concept, but the important information system applied in various manufacturing industry. 
Industrial Panel PC for Manufacturing Execution System (MES) applications
The MES production line management system is based on a large number of network hardware equipment and barcode scanning equipment, The normal operation of various equipment ensures the stability of the system, Is the premise of the safe, efficient and stable operation of the production workshop management system, Main hardware equipment includes: PDA mobile data collector (feeding, assembly, inspection, testing and raw material warehousing and finished warehouse station), field industrial control machine (for site data collection), barcode scanning gun (for field operation and barcode scanning), wireless network (for wireless network deployment in workshop and warehouse), barcode printer (for barcode label printing and nameplate printing), industrial control machine and PLC bus connection cables, sensors, etc. As the core equipment of MES data collection and analysis, the industrial control machine is mainly used to complete the production product parameter status display, system operation state control and display, historical data query and statistics, fault maintenance record query and other work. By setting the user access rights, to ensure the safe and reliable operation of each production equipment, so as to meet the real-time monitoring and comprehensive traceability of the production process needs. Requirements for industrial control machine:

1. Can easily install in different environments, use, maintain simple 
2. Operation and data disposal ability, short time, realize the running state of real-time acquisition 
3. Rich interface, realize reliable data transmission and security and backup function 
4. With remote debugging, disadvantages alarm function 5, durable, waterproof, vibration resistance, wide temperature work

Advantages of TAICENN industrial Panel pcs:
1. Stable and reliable, vibration-impact resistance, long average fault-free time;
2. Strong performance, efficient transmission rate;
3. compact structure, no fan, low power design, convenient installation and disassembly;
4. Rich interfaces, can be connected to a variety of equipment, to achieve real-time collection of operating state and reliable data transmission.
Industrial Panel PC for Manufacturing Execution System (MES) applications
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