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Industrial computer is the core of automatic machine vision applications
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With the continuous development of modern technology, more and more intelligent devices are applied in manufacturing. In the manufacturing process, the machine vision application is becoming more and more widespread. In machine vision, the defect detection is one of the most widely used functions of machine vision, mainly detecting various information on the product surface. In modern industrial automation production, each process in continuous large-scale production has a certain defective rate. Although the ratio is small, the multiplication has become a bottleneck for the company to improve the yield. The cost of rejecting defective products will be much higher.
In some dangerous working environments that are not convenient for manual work or where artificial vision is difficult to meet the requirements, machine vision is often used to replace artificial vision; at the same time, in high-volume industrial production processes, using artificial vision to check product quality is inefficient and inaccurate. Using machine vision inspection methods can greatly improve production efficiency and production automation.

In the inspection industry, compared with human vision, machine vision has obvious advantages:
  - 1. High accuracy: human vision is 64 gray levels, and weak resolution of small objects; machine vision can significantly improve gray levels, and can observe micron-level objects;
  - 2. Fast speed: humans cannot see fast moving objects, and the machine shutter time can reach microsecond level;
  - 3. High stability: Machine vision solves a very serious problem for humans. It is unstable. Manual visual inspection is a very boring and hard industry. No matter what kind of reward and punishment system you design, a relatively high rate of missed inspections will occur. However, machine vision inspection equipment has no fatigue issues and no emotional fluctuations. As long as you write something in the algorithm, it will be executed seriously every time. In quality control, the effect controllability is greatly improved.
  - 4. Integration and retention of information: The amount of information obtained by machine vision is comprehensive and traceable, and related information can be easily integrated and retained.
In the machine vision system, the industrial computer act as the "brain" of the entire detection system, the required performance of the industrial control computer has higher requirements. As a solution provider & manufacturer of industrial computing systems, TAICENN develop some suitable industrial box computer for various of machine vision applications, based on user requirements.

Product features of TBOX-3 series Box computer:
 - Small &compact design, easy and fast installation, easy for management and use by industrial operators;
 - Supports Win7, WIN8, WIN10 operating systems, support pre-install service for convenient using;
 - Large-area aluminum finned heat-sink, fanless design to ensure internal heat dissipation, improve heat dissipation efficiency, and ensure stability during long-term use;
 - Aluminum alloy material, combined with the anodized precision technology, which has better appearance feeling, and strong environmental adaptability;
 - Support 5x RJ45 GLAN, 4x support PoE functions, optional with 3G/4G/Wi-Fi wireless, and enrich on-site network applications;
 - CPU options: optional Celeron and Core i3 / i5 / i7 processor solutions, suitable for all different levels of computing applications;
Has strong environmental adaptability, can adapt to a wide range of temperature and humidity; has strong dust, corrosion, shock resistance; has better electromagnetic compatibility and high anti-interference ability;
 - IO support: 4x camera USB ports, 2x COM ports, 1x HDMI, 1x VGA display ports, supports simultaneous dual display and different display functions, and supports expansion of various industry modules to support specific using;
In general, TAICENN Industrial Box Computer performs real-time online detection and control of industrial production processes. The mainboard adopts unique processes such as design, manufacturing, and testing, which shortens the trouble-free operation time and gives quick response to changes in working conditions, timely collection and output adjustment, watchdog distress reset to ensure the normal operation of the system.

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