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How to choose a suitable mainboard for an industrial box computer?
Release Time:2019/11/1 Number Of Clicks:665

At present, the modern industrial automation field is mainly equipped with industrial mainboards, and the production of industrial mainboards is still increasing year by year. However, in order to save costs & reduce prices,  and win a good market in the market, some mainboard manufacturers not only reduce the PCBA layers quantity of board types, but also reduce the materials accessories of the industrial mainboard. So, how do industrial end users choose a high-quality industrial mainboard when purchasing the industrial box computer? With many years of experience in industrial & embedded computer production, Taicenn shares three aspects of experience below.

1- View the I/O interface 
The I/O interfaces of the industrial computer mainboard can often reflect the positioning and the functions of a motherboard. Although for most users, the interfaces such as dual ethernet ports and serial ports provided by the I/O interface may not be used. However, this is more important for industrial operator who need it. At the same time, the USB interface of the industrial computer mainboard sometimes greatly affects the application requirements. Usually, the interface provided on the high-end mainboard is relatively rich. In general, the industrial control mainboard should satisfy the requirements of the application end for the IO interface part, and also maintain flexible and convenient expansion for industrial applications.

2- View the mainboard type
There are two main types of industrial mainboard: large board and small board. Even in the big board, there are several types of differences. Users need to pay attention to the different PCB cost and expansion performance of different types of IPC mainboards, which will affect the cost and pricing of the industrial mainboard. For example, some mainboards use a highly integrated chipset. The basic features are simpler layout and reduce manufacturing costs. For the application side, the mainboard form that meets the needs of the customer's application is a most suitable solution. Unnecessary expansion feature might be redundant for cost and pricing.

3- View PCBA materials
The workmanship of the industrial computer mainboard is mainly from two aspects: the work finish of PCB (printed circuit board); the mainboard color with the guaranteed quality is basically the same; the finish is good, and the general quality of the shiny light looks better. The general standard for the layers number of PCB is four or six layers. Of course, the quality of the six-layer board is much better. The workmanship of SMT (Surface Mount) components mainly determines whether the production process of the motherboard is excellent by observing the mounting accuracy of some components, and the standard component placement is accurate and there is no offset.

However, we have also noticed that the long-term stability and reliability of an industrial &embedded box computer and industrial panel PCs are not only related to industrial mainboards, but also the mechanism and hardware design is an important aspect of the reliability of industrial computers. TAICENN industrial box computer and industrial Panel PC products are very mature and confident during the selection of motherboards. With our excellent hardware mechanism design capabilities, the current mainstream products are verified in major customer projects. So the product quality and supply period can be effectively guaranteed.

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