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The comparison between Whiskey Lake & Amber Lake
Release Time:2020/2/8 Number Of Clicks:542
Intel announced this morning that it will update its 8th-generation Core CPU lineup. So, the two 14nm families codenamed Whiskey Lake and Amber Lake were officially included.
In this way, the 8th generation Core has formed the largest of six families including 2nd generation processes (14nm + 10nm) and Kaby Lake-Refresh, Kaby Lake-G, Coffee Lake, Cannon Lake (10nm), Whiskey Lake, Amber Lake Generation Core.
Specifically, Whiskey Lake is a brand new U-series low-voltage product, with three i7-8565U, i5-8265U, and i3-8145U debuting.
The main improvements of Whiskey Lake are native support for Gigabit AC Wi-Fi, 2x performance improvement over processors 5 years ago (such as Haswell-U i5-4200U), 16-19 hours of battery life on a single charge, and video transcoding Speed up to 10.5 times, support Dolby HDR / Atmos, nuclear display can also play "Warcraft 8.0", multiple voice input and so on.
In terms of specifications, i7-8565U quad-core eight threads, clocked at 1.8GHz, accelerated 4.6GHz, triple buffer 8MB, supports DDR4-2400 / LPDDR3-2133 dual-channel memory, nuclear display UHD620 (1150MHz), thermal design power consumption 15W, price $ 409.
Amber Lake is the new Y-series ultra-low-power product, and the i7-8500Y, i5-8200Y, and m3-8100Y will debut.
The main improvements of Amber Lake are to improve Wi-Fi and LTE performance. Compared with the previous generation Core M, there are double-digit performance improvements, and optimization for stylus and touch.

In terms of specifications, all three are dual-core and four-threaded. The i7-8500Y has a maximum frequency of 1.5 / 4.2GHz, a triple buffer of 2MB, a power consumption of 5W, an integrated UHD615 core display, and only supports LPDDR3-1866 memory.

Finally, Intel said that PC products with Whiskey Lake and Amber Lake processors will gradually debut this fall. In addition to Acer, Lenovo, and Asus, the new Macbook Air will also be used?

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