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The latest Update to COVID-19 from TAICENN Technology 0219
Release Time:2020/2/19 Number Of Clicks:668

19th -Feb. 2020, Shenzhen 
Ref. #: TN20021901

No infection reported amount TAICENN employee
Until today (2020-02-19), no infections are reported amount our staff. All our staff are very safe and healthy.
At present, TAICENN Shenzhen HQ has been operating normally, and our support to customers is ongoing. There is no impact on sales & marketing issues. 

Factory will resume tomorrow 20th– Feb.
The latest news come to TAICENN this tonight, factory resume application got a positive response from government. Factory will start tomorrow (20th-Feb.) immediately. TAICENN manufacturing capability will recover soon.

The remaining impact
One of our key engineers (mechanism engineer) is still not available, because of his hometown government’s special measures. So, there will be delay in dimension layout works these few days. We believe he will come back his position next week.
We have already arranged and finished all material sourcing works for our latest PO. However, to Labor-intensive supply chain factories, our material will get some delay. Most refer to housing and metal parts suppliers.
To bigger batch PO, the delivery time will get some slight delay, but we will push and cooperate with supplier to achieved the promised lead-time. 

The sudden Coronavirus outbreak has caused a lot of impact on our support. We apologized to all our customers & partners.
We will do our best to make up for what we have lost.
The virus is not terrible, scare is terrible. 
Defeat the virus, Strong Wuhan.

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