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TAICENN Stay with You to Combat COVID-19
Release Time:2020/3/13 Number Of Clicks:738

13th -March. 2020, Shenzhen 
Ref.#: TN20031301

Dear Valuable Customers,

As we are here combating COVID-19 in China, we also concern the virus issue in your country. We just hope everyone from your company team will stay healthy and safe.

As the virus gets gradually controlled here and some factories resumed to full loading, we now have more supplying on face masks, which are proved to be much helpful in the battle with virus here in China.
TAICENN Stay with You to Combat COVID-19
So, we start to think about what we can do for you, and figured out maybe some extra face masks will be helpful. And we decided to ship 100 masks purchased locally to each of our valuable customers for totally free. After receiving this message please feel free to tell us if you are ready to receive these masks. 

And if you might be in need of any extra support, please do not hesitate to let us know and we will try to figure out what we can do here.

TAICENN is a quickly growing company. We might not be able to do something huge now but we just want to make our best effort, to help our clients all over the world, with the hope that we will all come through this special period in early days.

All the best wishes for you!

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TAICENN Stay with You to Combat COVID-19

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