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The notice of National Day Holiday 2021
Release Time:2021/9/27 Number Of Clicks:304

27th - September, 2021, Shenzhen (Ref. #: TN21092701)

To all Partners/Customers/Employees:

The National Day holiday in 2021 is approaching. According to the national holiday regulations and the company’s actual situation, the company will make the following arrangements for the National Day holiday in 2021:

1. The holiday period is from 1st to 7th October, a total of 7 days. 26th September (Sunday) and 9th October (Saturday) will be normal working holidays.
2. All employees of the company are requested to make their own pre-holiday work arrangements, and check related facilities and equipment, do a good job in fire prevention and theft, and ensure the safety and order of the office.
3. The employees of the company should maintain smooth communication during the holidays, and must support the sales & support departments (especially overseas departments) in real time in case of customer needs.
4. The company hopes that all employees should pay attention to their personal and financial safety during the holidays and spend the holidays happily.

We wish all a happy work and a happy family!

Shenzhen TAICENN Technology Co., Limited
27th, September 2021

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