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TAICENN TBOX-1E15 – Newest Rugged & Compact Industrial Box PCs with Intel Elkhart Lake J6412 processor
Release Time:2023/6/7 Number Of Clicks:627

Compact Industrial Box PCs

TAICENN has launched our newest modular palm-sized industrial mini Box PC model TBOX-1E15. The Box PC series is a ruggedized, cableless & fanless designed with extreme small space housing that’s to provide an ideal computing embedded system solution for industrial, Automation, Edge Computing & IIoT applications.


The TBOX-1E15 released by TAICENN is a newest released compact industrial computer, which is powered by Intel’s Elkhart Lake Celeron J6412 quad-core 2.0Ghz processor to continuously empower the manufacturing process and efficiency. The product is modular designed with rich I/O interfaces to meet different various requirements in the industrial field. The product can also run stably at -20 to +60 degrees temperature range to meet the application needs of different fields.


The new TBOX-1E15 industrial automation embedded system support TPM2.0 (PTT2.0) and Windows 11 Operating systems, and exceptional 2 high speed expansion modules slots: 1* Mini-PCIe slot to support Wi-Fi/BT/3G/4G wireless expansion, 1* M.2 3042/3052 for 5G and more requested industrial modules expansions. It’s an ideal solution for various of industrial projects, including Machine-to-Machine (M2M), smart building automation, industrial automation, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), machinery, industry 4.0, commercial automation


Outstanding performance - Intel's latest 10nm process

TBOX-1E10 industrial Mini Box PC adopts Intel's latest 10nm process chip. Compared with the previous generation 14nm process, 10nm technology can not only reduce the chip size by 30%, but also improve the performance by 27% and reduce the power by 40% consumption (Source from Intel).

The performance of Elkhart Lake J6412 is extremely strong. From the Single Thread Rating data, J6412 is almost same level as Core i3-6100U. In a word, J6412 is high performance and equal to Intel 6th /7th Core i3 performance, but low cost as J1900/J3455 CPUs level. Under such high-cost performance conditions, it is more competitive for various smart automation projects, which can reduce costs and increase efficiency for industrial projects.

 Compact Industrial Box PCs

Small size but rich IO connections – Meet different industrial needs

TBOX-1E15 Mini Box computer is ultra-small and fanless designed. Its dimension is similar as an audit’s palm, very suitable for limited space automation applications. Besides, TBOX-1E15 designs with rich IO interfaces, 2 GbE, 3 USB3.0, 3 USB2.0, 2 HDMI can meet basic interface requirements and help information transmission more smoothly. The TBOX-1E15 Box PC is designed with two expansion slots (1x Mini-PCIe and 1x M.2 3042/3052 Key slot), can optional support 3G/4G, Wi-Fi/BT, 5G wireless expansion for industrial field applications to improve product performance.

Besides, we also offer 2-layer housing design model TBOX-1E16 with more optional features, such as 3 COM ports, DC terminal and wide voltage DC 9~36V input. It helps to implement a suitable embedded system in space limited cabinet applications.


Installation scenarios:

 Compact Industrial Box PCs 

Main features:

● Rugged, Ultra-small, fanless designed box structure;

● Intel Elkhart Lake J6412 Quad-core processor;

● DC 12V power input, with DC jack;

● Industrial -20 ~ + 60℃ operating range;

● 2 GLAN, optional with 3G/4G, and Wi-Fi/BT expansion;

● 3 USB3.0, 3 USB2.0, 2 HDMI, Audio;

● 1 Mini-PCIe slot, and optional 1 M.2 3042/3052 slot.

● Optional 3 COM ports, DC terminal 9~36V range (TBOX-1E16).


Product Image:

Compact Industrial Box PCs 

Delivery plan:

In our schedule, TBOX-1E15 series products are above to deliver small and middle batch from middle July 2023. Any further information, welcome to contact with TAICENN sales team.

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