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New Release | TAICENN announced new 10-inch widescreen Modular front display modules into Industrial Panel PCs and Monitor ranges
Release Time:2023/11/30 Number Of Clicks:262
TAICENN, November, 2023:  TAICENN Technology has announced availability of a new 10.1” Widescreen WXGA 1280*800 Touch panel modules (Both Pcap. & Resistive options) into our inventory. The new front display panel modules include Pcap. and Resistive Touch, featured with true flat design and front IP65 rated protection. By using TAICENN's consistent modular design and manufacturing concept, so we are able to deliver small 10” widescreen HMI Panel PCs and Monitors product range quickly and flexibly. 
This new 10.1” dimension display panel modules will expand our industrial Panel PC and industrial monitor dimension range now. Both Pcap. and Resistive touch options design with the same cut-out dimension, suitable for industrial projects’ selection. The new 10.1” display panel module support Panel mount and VESA 75/100 mount.
The small 10.1” widescreen dimension Panel PC and monitor are suitable for various types of industrial applications, such as Industrial Automation, machine-to-machine (M2M) applications, Building Automation, industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), intelligent manufacturing and MES, service robots, commercial automation etc.

Modular Concept Design
The 10.1” is designed with flexible modularity in our mind. By having a simple module to module connection, we can easily assemble them into a 10.1” Panel PC or industrial monitor product. All new 10.1” Panel PC and Monitor products are bezel free designed to offer simple and straightforward panel mounting (Also support VESA 75/100 mount) for use in control cabinets and equipment consoles. 
Various of Computing Platform (X86 & Android)
The HMI systems are made of two interchangeable parts, the real functional modules and the front touch display modules. The new 10.1” Panel PC will be available with Intel Baytrail J1900, Apollo Lake J6412, Elkhart Lake J6412 platforms, together with ARM Rockchip RK3568 Android platform. 

Both P-Cap and Resistive Touch Screen (Durable & User-Friendly)
This new 10.1” glass cover of Pcap. touchscreen is totally designed and built by us. Also, our resistive touch design with PET film laminated, sharing the same cut-out dimension with Pcap. touchscreen. So, it continues our regular exquisite appearance design, which is very user-friendly to end-users. Withal touch screen installed behind glass cover or anti-fingerprinting design is resistant to scratches, damages, and cleaning fluids. The true flat design makes it is more than just a stylish and elegant appearance. It is easy to maintain and clean. No more clogged dust on edges.
Front IP65 Protection (Outer Dust and Water Splash Resistant)
TAICENN new 10.1-inch HMI Panel PC and monitor products surely support rigorous IP65 sealing on the front side. Devices are protected from possible damages caused by direct snow, rain, dust, dirt, and grime. This feature makes it suitable for all kinds of industrial & automation projects.

Main features:
High strength aluminum alloy, anodized and painting treatment;
Widescreen 10.1” WXGA 1280*800, Full View angle, LED Backlit;
Both Pcap. & Resistive touchscreen, EETI controller;
True flat designed, Panel mount, support VESA 75/100 mount;
Fanless design, slim design, front IP65 rated protection.
Compatible with all TAICENN PC modules and monitor modules;

Product Image:

Delivery plan:

In our schedule, the new 10.1-inch Modular front display modules have been validated by our engineer team. We are now starting to make this front display module into our inventory plan. The coming sample or batch order will be delivered within 4 weeks. Any further information, welcome to contact with TAICENN sales team.

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